Lots of wet dogs!

Tricky-woo spent several days with Uncle Herriot roughing it with the other dogs much to the dismay of Mrs Pumphrey. The vets were rewarded with a splendid hamper of goodies from Fortnum’s. James meets Helen whilst tending to a calf with a broken leg. Apparently, one of the dogs which appears in the episodes belonged to Robert Hardey, the others to members of the production team.

I wasn’t late to bed which was a good thing as the night was not without interruption. Despite his disinclination to go for a wee, Fido dutifully went out into the cold, damp night. It was a pity Luis didn’t go with him as he woke me up twice wanting to go out. The second time, I left him outside but finally brought him back in when he woke me up barking. Isabella was scratching off-and-on until I ejected her. There was also rain bashing on the roof although not a lot actually fell.

It was wet and miserable when we went for our walk at around 06:35. It was not possible to traverse the rocks and the causeway without risking getting wet so we wandered down Alonáki Beach to look at the river which I knew would be flowing fast and wide.

Too fast and too wide for crossing with dry feet and dogs.
Looking north up the river

We turned around and went back to Grammeno Beach to pick up some rubbish and then onto the Promontory for the same purpose. Luis was keener on returning to the van than visiting the Promontory for the second time so lagged behind in the hope that I might change my mind. We went down to the end and played on the rocks as the sun had joined us making it very relaxing and pleasant.

Having disposed of my bag of rubbish, we went back to the river to see that it was still there, then to the van as it was approaching breakfast time.

I fed the dogs before preparing my breakfast. It was still sunny, the batteries were charging a little and the dogs were loafing on the decking after they’d assisted me with my breakfast preparations.

Then things started to go downhill. The sky became cloudier and darker as the time for the expected rain approached. Sadly, this was much the same for the remainder of the day.

I spent some time messing around with my sourdough starter which managed at last to rise. I put it into another jar with some fresh flour and water so thought I’d use the remainder to try to make a loaf of bread. It’s been a while since I’ve made bread so I had to dig around to find the ingredients. Using the oven didn’t help the batteries any as they’d not had much charging time in the morning. The loaf looks reasonable so I’ll see what it tastes like later.

Franca and Mauro went for a beach walk during the afternoon so didn’t come for the Evening Walk. We’d had a very sedentary day so we went to the river once I’d managed to get back all of the dogs who’d run off in search of Mauro and Franca. A little button-pressing and I had the full compliment.

A few drops fell as we walked up the Promontory and more were falling as we set off back. Then large drops started so I decided to run. Despite our speedier return, we are all a little soggy so I’m going to be surrounded by wet dogs all evening.

Not so much a cold day but miserable due to the cloud and rain. The majority of which fell during the day with the joy of more to follow tonight and tomorrow. The morning will be showers followed by rain in the afternoon.


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