Sourdough loaf

The van was full of wet dogs when I went in to eat my supper. Even Obi was inside so it must have been cold! He elected to go outside once he was warmer and drier. It takes a very cold night for him to stay inside.

I tried the bread. It was certainly not light and fluffy and somewhat dense but then it was having problems rising due to the high humidity and the cold weather. It was raining nearly all of the time the dough should have been rising. It is very edible although you don’t need a lot of it in one go. So far, there have been no adverse reactions.

More rain fell in the night bringing the total since yesterday near to 25mm. This morning was dark and gloomy and the forecast was for showers, so I loafed in bed until 06:30. There was no rain whilst we were out only some drizzle from some passing clouds. The river was still running fast and wide so only Isabella was soppy enough to so swimming. She was chasing a little bird which was leading her on a merry dance. Isabella was half-swimming and half-walking across the river so was more than just a little wet.

Some clouds came over so I was expecting a replay of yesterday evening but we ended up with only some fine drizzle for a few minutes followed by sunshine.

The sun stayed out for quite some while so the batteries now have a little charge, enough probably to make it through the night without falling back onto Grid Power.

I went down to see the couple who arrived on Friday afternoon and who only wanted to have a shower. I took the guy down through the camping the day they arrived to show him the showers and then for a quick tour of the remainder. I suggested he might wish to stay the night and offered him a special price. I pointed out that the weekend was forecast to be miserable so he would be welcome to stay over if he wished. They left today after three nights and I understand they’re talking about coming back another time.

Mauro and Franca were having a coffee outside a café earlier when the server rushed out to make sure they had masks as the police were around. The Estonians were out on their road bikes and saw four police opposite the camping checking on people. We seem to be a lot more strict on our lockdowns here. Especially as there is little COVID on the island.

The afternoon remained sunny and the water pressure returned to normal so I went for a long, hot eco-shower in the solar-powered cubicles. I prepared food for the dogs and myself and then it was time to walk the dogs.

Franca and Mauro were waiting in the car park and were suitably welcomed and entertained by the dogs. Franca has a soft spot for Luis and insists on cuddling him. Luis obviously doesn’t object in any way.

After an afternoon of mostly clear skies, clouds were massing to the west and rain is falling on the metal roof above me. Tomorrow is forecast to be showery although today’s forecast was fortunately inaccurate as far as most of the day was concerned.

My supper is awaiting my attention as are the dogs…

Not quite 20C but then it is December.


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