With the promise of showers, I was not eager to leap from my bed first thing so waited for Isabella to welcome me to the day around 06:20.

It didn’t rain although the sky was pretty grey and miserable as we set off. I didn’t need my torch as we made our way to the end of the Promontory and thence to the river.

We all made it back to Grammeno Beach and onto the Big Beach however, Obi took the opportunity to slope off somewhere between there and the rocks.

We crossed the rocks and then back to the river, this time with a little jogging added into the mix as the stones have been piled up to expose sand which is much easier.

From the river, we move briskly back to Grammeno Beach and finally into the camping. Breakfast was served and prepared and the day had officially started. I needed to make doggy dinners as well as some bread so there was no sitting around for me.

The sunshine was charging the batteries however with DDs, bread and now something for supper, what was put in has been all but used up. Sadly, the sun was back behind the clouds when it was time to bake the bread and cook the doggy rice.

Other highlights of the day include collecting money from Nikos, putting in washing for the Estonians and the Swiss and going to the office to repay €161 to Andrei who left the camping at the end of October. I took the precaution of phoning Andrei to discover that his bank had already refunded the money. What a performance!. Hindsight tells me I should have simply kept his cash and refunded him via direct bank transfer from my own account.

I received a package for Nikos which contained a folding solar panel so we played with his toys for a few moments. He is fairly abstemious with electricity as he’s used only a small amount in his time at Grammeno.

There was an email enquiry from a couple in a motorhome with two small children who propose coming for a few days over the Holiday Season. I hope they are already in Greece and on Crete or it’s likely to be a problem.

I was still coaxing my sourdough bread into life when it was time to walk the dogs so we were out a little later. I kept Franca informed so it was down to us to wait a few moments for her this time. There was a huge rainbow above as we strode down toward the end of the Promontory. We’d just crossed the rocks and the causeway when a strange man in short trousers appeared, running towards the rocks. Isabella was straight across the rocks and all over Mauro as he arrived. Some of the other dogs had followed Isabella so there was a small procession to catch us up. We carried on briskly as the sky was darkening quickly and I wasn’t about to risk having another van full of wet dogs.

We parted at the beach car park and I jogged the dogs back to the van as a light rain began to fall. It stopped soon after and no more rain is forecast for a few days, only sunshine.

They have been fed so are sleeping either under my chair or inside the van. It’s a little windy at present and a little colder so I won’t be sitting out here for much longer.

My latest bread attempt looks less chewy than the previous so I’ll give it a try a little later. Sourdough bread uses different techniques which I have yet to master.

Cooler and drier with a chilly wind


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