Brown socks

Isabella needed to go out at some silly hour and I was awake early but disinclined to go walkabout in the dark. We finally made it out around 06:45 to see the dawn. It was a beautiful morning with fewer clouds than recently also the sea was a lot calmer so we could cross the rocks and the causeway with dry feet.

We did the Promontory then headed for the river which is still flowing too hard and wide to cross with dry feet. Walking back to the Promontory was very pleasant as the sun was beginning to rise. This time we went to Grammeno Beach where we met The Rug who was racing along towards us. Isabella now had a bigger playmate who she could rough-and-tumble with. We went over the causeway and then the rocks before heading back to the river crossing. The Rug and Isabella went swimming together and Skinny went for a wander in the mud so emerged with brown socks. Obi went for a paddle with Charlie. We headed back once again where a lone figure was walking towards us in the distance. I guessed it was Mauro so prodded Isabella into going to meet him. She wasn’t sure to begin with but then could see who it was, so went into a full gallop with some of the others in her wake. Mauro came to meet us and together we went around the Promontory for the third time. Back at the car park, Isabella went on a mission to the camping in search of Franca who’d just emerged from the shower. She came back with Isabella so we chatted a while before going our separate ways to get breakfast.

I fed the dogs and was preparing my breakfast when the phone rang to remind me I was putting washing in for Achim. There was only one big load today but it was a long wash which finally went into the large bowl and bucket.

I eventually ate my breakfast in the warm sunlight. The batteries were charging well but have a way to go before they’re full. I might have drifted off at some point.

There were some IT problems mostly to do with the EG websites for a change. Pablo is doing some more work on the YE website but it appears to be inextricably intertwined with the other sites which is causing problems. Furthermore, the server hosting doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

I took some time to clean out the van as the grotty weather has meant the dogs have been in quite a bit and the place had become a sea of dog hairs. I even changed the bag on the vacuum. I had time for a hot, solar shower, to put the doggy rice on and get ready for us to go out on the last Evening Walk with Mauro and Franca. It was a good walk as the sun was setting, there was no wind or rain and it was warm. They might join us for the Early Walk tomorrow.

I took the dogs along the beach to the river crossing as it was still light. There was a motorhome parked on the beach with a couple and their small dogs enjoying a driftwood fire. We passed without incident although I had to prevent some of the more inquisitive dogs from wandering off to see the people or to inspect the sheep which are partially penned up by the greenhouses. The river level had dropped but it was still running well. We returned to the camping for food.

Georgia sent a message to tell me the road to Paleochora may no longer be closing on weekdays. A real bonus. Not that the road is finished as it still needs some work and some more tarmack, the cycleway and the lights to be completed. Hopefully, by June…

Warmer and drier but quite windy at times


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