Franca and Mauro leave

Isabella wanted to go out around 05:00 but fortunately elected to stay out. Luis heard cat-noises outside at 05:30 so started barking. The young female cat was under the awning trying to get my attention. Only Obi and Isabella were outside and they’re ok with the cats.

We were crossing the field at 06:45 just as dawn was lighting up the sky. It’s a great way to start the day! The Spanish motorhome was still parked further up the road but the dogs were more interested in going to the Promontory. Isabella disappeared and I expect she went in search of Mauro and Franca. She knows something is up as she’s more scatty than usual.

Having collected them all together we continued down to the end of the Promontory, crossed the rocks and the causeway then headed back towards the river. Maybe it would be possible to cross over today?

It was light as we walked up Alonáki Beach and the sea was a lot calmer than it’s been for several days. The dogs kept reasonably close to me until we arrived at the river crossing. It was still running well and too wide and deep to cross without a boot-full of water. That didn’t stop Charlie, Obi, Skinny and Isabella from going to the other side. Obi had to wade as did Charlie a little. The bigger dogs just paddled across. We didn’t hang around in case Franca and Mauro wanted to join us so set off back down the beach towards the Promontory.

Isabella, Skinny and Obi disappeared but only Obi didn’t reappear so we doubled back from the Big Beach to the Promontory entrance where Obi caught us up. He’d been with Isabella to find Mauro and Franca who were at the end of the Promontory looking for us. He hadn’t come back as quickly as the other two. Something to do with shorter legs I expect.

We eventually met up with the couple but they needed to go back for some breakfast and final packing as the plan was to leave with Nikos before 09:00 just in case the road was still closing. Nikos came down to the workshop to wash off his windscreen with the hose and we said our goodbyes. Considering they came only for two nights they had a good, long stay. Hopefully, they will arrive in Iraklion without any holdups.

I went back to my breakfast and breadmaking activities after I put in a load of washing for the Estonians. I was making bread using a different recipe and method from my previous attempts. So far, the loaf is looking good although I’ve not tasted it as yet.

The remainder of the morning passed reletively painlessly although there is still the ongoing matter of the EG websites.

It was such a lovely day I thought I’d go into Paleochora for some shopping. I waited until 13:00 just in case the road wasn’t open so as not to be kept hanging around. There was work progressing to level up the carriageway however all of the work on the cliffs has been completed so far as I could see.

Petrakis wasn’t busy so I could have been in and out had I not stopped to talk to Yiannis. The ride back was just as quick as the outbound and I even felt a little overdressed for the occasion.

Someone was delivering palm leaves to the camping and I’d noticed an alarm on camera 5 which is the reception barrier. I though it might have been Georgia. Whoever was delivering kindly closed the barrier when they’d finished.

The bread had risen so it was time to form it and heat up the over so that I could get the loaf out before walking the dogs. Usually, Franca would meet us at 16:45 in the beach car park but today there was no need to keep to that time.

Our walk was brisk and very pleasant as it was still sunny and warm even though the sun had set and darkness wasn’t far away. There was one car in the car park as we set off and none when we returned. We had the Promontory to ourselves which was suitably relaxing. Isabella had no one to show off to so Obi got a rest from her manic barking for a change.

It was nearly dark when we arrived at the camping so I got on with preparing their food and tidying up the wreckage resulting from the breadmaking. Flour and water tends to stick like shit to a blanket when allowed to get hard!

The dogs are quiet. I’m surrounded by darkness other than the galley light from inside the van. Radio Paradise plays in the background.

Fresh vegetables tonight as I’ve been shopping. A welcome change from lentils, beans and rice.

Nearly 21C with only a gentle breeze and NO RAIN!


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