Crossing the river

I was in France with the Resistance who were ferrying fliers across the border into Spain. The Luftwaffe police officer was trying to discover part of the pipeline by reconstructing information from an article written by an American flyer who was repatriated by the same pipeline. Alas he didn’t disguise the location well enough by changing names and locations so the Germans, assisted by a Vichi policeman, were able to work out the location of the farmhouse and capture the fugitives. All very gripping!

Isabella got the fidgets so need to be let out so I thought I might just as well give up the unequal struggle and get up. We walked to the end of the Promontory then headed along the beach to the river. Today, it was easily possible to cross the river as it was quite narrow at the point where it flows into the sea. In contrast, the second river was flowing fast but easily crossed where it passes through some rocks and creates a little waterfall. We were able to go right to the end of the beaches and then back again.

Passing Plakaki, we were seen off by PlusOne who was doing his guard dog routine. My lot didn’t actually take much notice of him although Luis showed some interest until I reeled him in again. PlusOne must have felt very proud having seen off such a dangerous rabble.

We did one more circuit of the Promontory before going back to the camping where I fed the dogs before going to put some washing in the machine with Nikos. He’d contacted me at 08:15 enquiring about it but I was still out so he had to wait.

I cleared up the doggy bowls then started on my breakfast and the preparation for the Doggy Dinners. I had a couple of emails to attend to. One was to Samuel who says he’s coming with his family in a day or so. He wanted to know about having a package sent to him. I gave him the camping’s postal address but warned him that it could take a while for the item to arrive. I was pleased to finally sit down to eat my breakfast. The sun was warm and I was quite tired after the walk so I missed out on a little piece of the morning.

I had to go to the office to look something up for Maria which meant wading through sheets of customer information. I was looking for an arrival in August who turned out to have arrived in September with the details recorded on a handwritten sheet which was at the top of the pile! She initially said he’d arrived at the end of October which I knew not to be the case.

On the way back, I stopped to see what Nikos was up to with his new reversing camera for his van. He’d managed to thread the cable through the van but was having problems trying to get the camera to talk to the monitor on the dash. I left him to it and went for a wander to the beach.

The sea looked almost inviting however I contented myself with inspecting it from afar. The sun was warm, the sea and sky blue and there was no wind. One of the Estonians was lying on a sunbed!

I went back to answer another email and finish off the Doggy Dinners which had now cooked and were ready to be processed. I then put some rice in the pot for the dogs and prepared my own food for later. I went back to the office to drop off the customer details lists as I didn’t want to have them hanging around to get lost or eaten.

Nikos hadn’t managed to get his camera and screen combination to talk to each other so he handed them to me to see if I had more luck. I suspected he frazzled the monitor by connecting it up incorrectly. I’ll have a look inside to see if there are any fried components.

It was time to walk the doggies so we headed out across the field to the beach where we walked all the way to the rocky bit before Plakaki and back before going to the end of the Promontory. We passed a Greek guy who asked if the dogs would bite him. I assured him they were quite safe.

The sun had set but the sky was particularly attractive as we crossed the rocks and over the causeway. I was keeping up a good pace as I was hoping to get back to the van before dark. I ran the last part from the Big Beach to the van.

Luis was the only straggler who found himself the wrong side of the gate. There is only the sound of him snoring at my feet with Radio Paradise from inside the van. My lentils and the last of the cauliflower are ready so it remains for me to bid you a good night and retire inside.


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