Charlie and Fido went for a wander in the night but returned quickly. Isabella was a good girl and went for her wee before bed!

Our Early Walk was uneventful and consisted of two tours of The Promontory with a walk to the end of the beaches in the middle.

This is the first river crossing to show how much depth of beach the sea has washed away. Probably over 1m or about three feet. Needless to say, the river is narrower at the sea where we cross.
The second river crossing complete with babbling brook just above where it runs into the sea. Fido is kindly providing scale to the left.

I was hoping we might run into The Rug as Isabella has an excessive amount of energy which the others are finding wearing. The second passage of the Promontory was more relaxed even though I ran the last bit to the camping.

I fed the animals on arrival then got on with feeding myself. I’d just finished when I received a message from Litsa inviting me to collect a huge bag of mandarines which they’d picked from their trees. I understand there will be fewer oranges this year as they didn’t feed the trees. They have a permit to travel as they are transporting food parcels for distribution on behalf of the Red Cross. Today they are collecting the bulk and will distribute in a few days once the individual packets are made up. Apparently, poverty has increased dramatically. I introduced Litsa to Nikos and left them to chatter as my breakfast was nearly ready.

The day has been one of inactivity and cloudy weather although it was sunny to start with. Other than make up some more bread in the morning, there has been very little action only a solar-powered shower in the afternoon and an abortive call home. The bread failed to rise so will have to wait until tomorrow to bake. I’d anticipated this which is why I made it today.

The Evening Walk included a foray to the rocks at Plakaki. We shadowed a couple of women picking up sticks on the beach. I kept the dogs close to me all the way. Even when we passed close to the couple, the dogs behaved impeccably. We walked back and made a slow tour of the Promontory spending time in the gathering dusk to sit on the rocks at the end in the forlorn hope of seeing Jupiter and Saturn setting. The banks of clouds put paid to that although the sky was quite pretty.

Slowly, we walked back up the Promontory to the car park and then across the field to the camping. A motorhome was parked on Alomáki Beach and there was excited chatter from the occupants.

The dogs followed me back to the van arriving almost as one. A calm and very pleasant walk indeed.

It was sunny and warm until the clouds came. Now, it’s quite chilly!


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