A quick grope

The first episode of The Durrells puts them firmly on Corfu and set the scene for things to come. I’m watching the ITV series which I’ve not seen before. I read the book whilst in Tólo in 1973 and I’ve seen one of the films. There is more than one film as there is a more recent one I have yet to watch. The other oldie was Red Dwarf which I started to watch when it was first aired on TV in February 1988 but don’t recall going too far into the series. It was Robert Llewellyn, who played the part of Kryten, an elderly robot, who reminded me of the series and decided me to give it another try. Robert is now involved in a YouTube channel which is focussed on sustainable living and particularly electric transport.

After a relatively calm night, we were up a little early so out and about soon after on The Promontory. The morning was fine and calm whilst being also surprisingly light. We completed our usual walk and got back to the camping around 08:45. I fed the dogs having brought in more food for Isabella who was forced to wait for her’s as a result.

I prepared my breakfast and removed the still rising loaf to the table under the awning to finish off. I occupied myself whilst waiting for my breakfast to cook.

We had a new arrival, Samuel and family. He has been emailing me for a number of days but has finally arrived. He set himself up near the bar which will be useful as his children can play on the restaurant decking when the weather is fine. The youngest, a girl, is only six months. The boy is around two I suspect. I spoke to both parents who seem like a pleasant couple. They have an elderly Mercedes motorhome which they’d just driven from Elafonissi where they’d spent the previous night. They plan to stay until after Christmas.

Later in the day, Nikos called to say there was a couple looking for accommodation for a friend. They turned out to be an English/Greek couple who are having a friend visit in the New Year.

I finally finished off the bread I started yesterday morning by baking it just before going out with the dogs.

We were about to set off across the field when I spied a police car parked next to the beach. I called the dogs back and we lurked for a few moments in the scrub whilst the car made its exit. I never bother to fill in a movement form for taking the dogs, nor do I have a mask on so I didn’t wish to run into Mr Plod in case he became difficult. I should imagine they were bored on a Sunday afternoon so decided to go for a snooze down by the beach.

We walked down to the rocks by Plakaki and back around the Promontory. We were alone except for a car parked in the car park as we came back. You get all kinds of strange people in the car park as well as on the Promontory. This morning, Isabella discovered a pair of knickers left behind on the sand. I could think of better places for a ‘quick grope’ on a Saturday night! It shows how old I’m getting!

Cloudy for most of the day and cooler than yesterday.


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