Moonlit walk

I was feeling particularly lazy today so was still in bed after 06:30. Perhaps the Holiday Mood has taken over? It was after 07:00 when we walked down towards the Promontory. The motorhome which has been staying for the past few nights was still there with chairs and footwear outside. We passed unnoticed.

We were down and over the rocks and causeway in full daylight then headed up to the other beaches. I was jogging a little as it wasn’t too warm this morning. Isabella found an unpleasantly decaying skeleton with they took it in turns to dismember. We all, except Oskar, finally made it to the end of the beaches despite the distractions.

It was back for another quick round of the Promontory before breakfast. Oskar was waiting for us as we walked back into the compound. He’d decided he wasn’t going to join us again and six dogs are easier to manage than seven.

I fed them and then prepared mine. The plan was to make some bread this evening so I got the yeast going, however, events have conspired to scupper the evening breadmaking.

The day has been generally, massively unproductive. There was no washing to put into the machine and now new arrivals – quelle surprise! It was very sunny so the batteries received a good charge so would have been almost full if I’d not been cooking beetroot, rice and lentils.

One productive activity was to sit on the beach for a while. I’d picked up the friendliest and soppiest of the cats as I walked down so he was lying beside me on the lounger. I was then joined by the black female who was making very friendly overtures indeed. She ended up curled up on my lap. I had an interesting conversation with one of the Estonians about their trip to Botswana. Apparently, it’s a great place to visit.

I went back to the van to be more productive and found the cunning wireless switch thingy I’d been looking for. I’ve now rigged it up so it controls the electric heater as the heater thermostat is very imprecise and I have to lever myself up and clamber over heaps of dogs to turn it off so tend to leave it running. This uses lots of battery and makes it very warm so I fall asleep which is annoying. I need a more precise heating system which is why I’ve put the temperature sensor where I sit. I don’t care about the remainder of the van, just the bit that I’m sitting in. The gas heater has a thermostat but it heats the whole van and takes quite a while to do so and I also fall asleep.

I had one support email and a couple of support calls. We were rather late going for the Evening Walk as I took longer in the shower than anticipated so lost track of time. Then Terry called so it was getting dark.

We walked down towards Plakaki and then back to the Promontory. We perched on the rocks look west to see if we could make out Saturn and Jupiter, however, there were clouds to the west and I wasn’t up for waiting much longer as it was already late enough.

Fortunately, my supper was all set to go so has just finished cooking. Hopefully, Isabella hasn’t eaten the two large beetroot I left in with her when I fed her. In the normal run of things, dogs don’t go much for fruit and vegetables however this lot are different and will eat most things.


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