So much for the beetroot!

I may have mentioned that I hoped Isabella would not find and eat my freshly-cooked beetroot. Ha, fat chance! They were gone and the plastic container where they were resting was on the floor. My silly mistake so my bad luck. I did tell her off a little bit by poking the plastic box into her nose but she probably thought I was just a little madder than usual. I know it was her as the evidence was unmistakable. The doggy digestion is quite rapid so what goes in at nighttime comes out in the morning. And she did a lovely beetroot-red wee on the rocks so no mistaking!

The evening was kept warm by the fan heater as the batteries were changed up enough and I knew there would be sun today. I haven’t quite perfected the positioning of the thermometer sensor as I became quite warm before turning it off manually.

We were not out very early this morning and were back the latest for a long time. We were on the way back walking along Alonáki Beach when we met Tassos, Lau’s little drinking companion, the one who I banned from the camping even though Georgia said he could return. We had a bit of a chat as it’s a long time since we met up as he doesn’t collect salt so much at Grammeno. Time was ticking on so our second trip around the Promontory was speedy as I needed to be back to put the washing machine on for Achim, who is still awaiting the delivery of his package from Germany. Hopefully, he has persuaded the guy at DHL to put it on the bus. This might be a problem as tomorrow is Thursday and buses are running only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He’s unlikely to see his parcel until after Christmas now.

Due to our delayed return, the whole day got a little out of control. I decided I’d put my stuff in the machine once Achim’s was finished. Usually, I use the machine first thing but I wasn’t that organised today. Consequently, there is still a lot of washing on the line although I brought my bedding in.

During the course of the day, there have been a number of small IT support calls from EG, Inter Sport and LBS so I’ve not been loafing around. I contemplated the thought of going shopping today but, like other things, this has been put off until the morning.

I spent a little time researching for the English guy who is currently in Serbia and wishes to spend a couple of months at the camping. His friends came at the weekend to scope the place out. He was trying to come overland but that seems virtually impossible as tourists are not allowed in. He’ll have to take a plane to Athens then another to Chania. Unless he gets a rental car, he’ll also have difficulty getting from the airport to the camping since there are only three buses per week and taxis are quite expensive. I’ve supplied the info and made welcoming noises so he’ll need to work out the remainder for himself.

Later in the afternoon, Janne, Erica and I had a FaceTime call which lasted quite a while. Georgia came to drop off some olive oil to the storeroom so the dogs barked. I noticed she was wearing a mask. She wished Janne and Erica Mary Chrimbo then explained she’d recently had a visitor who later tested positive for COVID. She was naturally panicking a little but has since been tested negative for COVID. She disappeared off to do her thing leaving us to chat on.

The Evening Walk was much later than I’d planned and I was hoping we might see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn but there were too many clouds on the western horizon to see anything. It was another lovely moonlit walk and it was very pleasant ambling along knowing that the dogs would stay with me on the end of their virtual leashes.

They have been fed and are sleeping it off except for Oskar and the Brown Dogs who are still out here with me.

I can see that the local take-out services are doing a good trade with the campers tonight as this is the second take-out delivery in the time it’s taken to write this.

I’ve yet to make my bed and it’s getting cool out here!

A warm and very sunny day but it’s a lot cooler now! 11.7C to be precise. Sunday is looking cloudy and wet…


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