Fido had to go out despite me chucking him and Isabella out to wee at bedtime. I decided to get up at 06:15 as the plan was to go shopping. The temperature was 9.3C which I think is the lowest for this winter so far. It was a brisk morning by Crete standards.

We walked in darkness to begin with but it was soon light so we crossed the rocks and causeway easily. It’s a little hazardous in the dark. We went to the end of the beaches and back to Alonáki but not around the Promontory as I wanted to get on.

I rode into Paleochora and did my shopping. The important things were chicken legs for the dogs and more vegetables for me. The bags of chicken legs were not available and the freezer wasn’t working last time so there was only expensive fresh chicken.

I was back at the camping around 09:25 which would not have been possible when the road was closing every day. So much more relaxed not having to race back!

3,000km in one year despite all of the lockdowns.

The dogs were inside so I let them out having deposited some items in the large fridge in the customer kitchen. I fed them and made breakfast for myself after a short pause.

The day became sunny and warm so it was extremely pleasant to sit in the sunshine and eat my breakfast. The dogs were littering the decking, mostly asleep or sometimes barking at the cats.

Cats ‘stacking’ waiting for their turn in the food bowl. They know where the nicer food is.

I prepared the Doggy Dinners then made up some dough for bread. I used a slightly different technique this time and I can see the bread has almost risen enough to bake. I might put on the oven when I go in as it will heat the van as well as bake the bread.

There were some IT support enquiries but nothing too demanding. The remainder of the day passed harmlessly and included putting away the clothes I washed yesterday having taken them off the line and folded them.

The Evening Walk was more eventful as we met the couple and their child from the motorhome which has been parked on Alonáki Beach for several days. The small son found Isabella too bouncy but got on much better with Obi who always knows how to get petted. We spent a little time talking to them with the dogs just pottering around us. Finally, we were back at their van and went our separate ways.

Cooler this morning but the day was sunny and amazingly warm with a high of 21C!


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