Mary Xmas

I was quite late to bed as it was gone 22:00!

Fido got me up despite going out for a wee at bedtime so I left him outside but he paid me back by barking and waking me up later.

My phone asked me if I really wanted to get up at 06:25 on Christmas morning and gave me the opportunity to change or cancel my alarm. I chose to get up at the same time.

Our walks took us over the usual route however it took longer as I was sending images to Ursula who just happened to be awake at 05:30.

Most of us made it to the end of the beaches however Luis and Fido became detached and I found them later, on the way back. Luis was singing to the fishermen and Fido was helping them with their fishing. They joined us for the final tour of the Promontory before going back for breakfast.

It was a little overcast but became sunny as time went on. I was later getting my breakfast as I was not getting my act together enough to actually prepare it. Getting sidetracked as usual!

I spent some of that time wishing people Happy Christmas and I’ve spent quite a bit of time texting or speaking to people or both. I took time to wander the camping and even sat on the beach for fifteen minutes. I bought software to enable me to monitor my solar system as the present setup is basic and doesn’t really enable me to manage things effectively.

I was surprised to receive a link in order to download the software as well as a personal email asking for the ID code once I’d installed the software. I was not actually planning to install it today as I reckoned no one would be around to send me a licence key. How wrong I was! This is a South African company and they seem to work, even on Christmas Day. I can understand the Chinese working today but not the South Africans. The software looks good and the setup looks simple. It draws interesting and informative graphs as well as actually manage the inverter programming without using the silly buttons and small display on the front of the inverter cabinet.

I chatted to Eleanor and Edward on FaceTime ‘assisted’ by Isabella and Skinny. Later, I chatted to Rodney and then Sophie.

It was time to walk the dogs so we went down Alonáki Beach to the rocks at Plakaki then back and around the Promontory. Men were fishing in several places and later I discovered that hunting and fishing are allowed until 1 January. I shall be getting out my rod and gun first thing in the morning!

I fed the dogs and then set about writing my blog in between answering texts from Fiona who lives at number 11 Tyndalls. The address may sound familiar. She tells me the couple who bought number ten, split up so now the house is rented to a couple who are renovating their house. Fiona’s son, Elliot, who was a little boy when I was there turned sixteen in September. How time flies! I’ve not seen any of them since 2014 when I went back to sell up.

The dogs are fed and are sleeping. I must feed myself and maybe even sleep a little later too.

It’s not been a traditional Christmas Day as most people would celebrate but it has been good fun!

The day started cloudy and even a little damp for a few minutes but turned warm and sunny before reverting to overcast and more dampness. Can’t complain though.


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