Boxing Day

The night was warm, too warm at times. I’d baked some bread during the evening so there was no need for any heating. The warmth lingered but it was warm outside too.

There was a great deal of darkness early on due to the mass of clouds but it was warm and there was no wind. It was lighter by the time we crossed the rocks and headed down towards Plakaki. PlusOne was on duty defending the hotel from unwanted dogs and guests. He stayed in the right place so the dogs simply walked past him ignoring his every woof. We could hear him in the distance as he was making sure we never returned.

There was general lethargy so I wondered if we’d ever make it to the end and back at all. Not just the dogs but me too. It was warm!

It was gone 09:00 by the time we arrived back at the camping. There were people about but none that concerned us. I fed the dogs and spent time messing around achieving very little but not getting my breakfast prepared for sure.

I eventually got around to it with the assistance of only a few of the dogs as the sun was warm and the decking preferable to the inside of the van.

I was expecting the lovely Janice from EG to have her computer switched on so that I could set up her wretched EG branch officer email accounts. This time she managed to leave the computer switched on however she didn’t start the remote connection software so I couldn’t connect. I kept trying in between doing other things. Finally, she emailed a reply to my mail which contained a checklist of the actions she needed to take for me to connect and we finally got there. It only took me a few minutes to actually do the job. I might have been able to explain how to add the accounts in light of my visit to her computer as I discovered she already had a Gmail account making the job nice and easy! She’s happy, which is the main purpose of the exercise. Let’s hope she remains in the same office for a long time.

The remainder of the day was quite unproductive and included a lot of fiddling around to no real gain. The weather deteriorated and it even rained for a minute or so having become very overcast.

There were quite a few people out hunting and fishing as well as walking their dogs so I delayed our departure for the Evening Walk so we might have the place to ourselves. The people who lost the little dog were perched on one of the tables remaining from the abandoned Kantina. They seem to be lurking there most evenings so are not concerned for the safety of their little yappy dog when the hoards emerge from the camping. I redirected them diagonally across the field and onto the Promontory. There was a lone bloke walking along the shoreline actually wearing a mask! Perhaps he was concerned the fish might infect him with a mutant fishy strain of CoVID.

A fisherman was walking back as we entered the Promontory. Isabella was interested in making friends with him and was soon joined by Skinny. I called both of them back and they complied obligingly.

We walked around spending lots of time sniffing and digging up the sand. Well, the dogs did anyway. I lost any hope of seeing anything celestially interesting when I spotted the great banks of cloud to the west. We wandered around aimlessly on the rocks in the gathering gloom. I’d managed to leave my torch behind so needed to take extra care when crossing the rocks so as not to step in a rock pool or trip over. The dogs enjoyed themselves which was the main thing. We were out for quite a long time in all.

As breakfast took place at lunchtime, it will be a little while before I feel like much to eat. I have loads of fruit and interesting things so it matters not.

I said it was warm – 22.1C! Tomorrow, may be a little damp, especially the evening.


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