Caught out

Dr Finlay and his young partner had to deal with the suicide of a railway worker who’d been assaulted by his overbearing father-in-law and was struggling with his neurotic wife. Janet was arranging for Dr Cameron to have a lady in to set up his new home and to cook for him. The nurse who was originally engaged to Dr Finlay before he went off to war, was having second thoughts about moving to the USA as a war bride.

I lingered a little before quitting my pit as rain was forecast and it’s much more enjoyable listening to it patter on the roof than onto my head. We’d completed the Promontory circuit and were heading up Alonáki Beach when it started to rain gently. The sea was pushing water up the river so it was necessary to paddle through the mud or through the water. The rain intensified so we took shelter under some nearby trees. The dogs amused themselves by poking around in the thicket. I thought the rain had gone for good so we continued towards the rocks at Plakaki. There, I felt it might be better to turn back just in case the rain started again so we recrossed the muddy river just as the rain came down in earnest.

The villas with the caravan parked nearby were closest so we took shelter there during the heaviest rain. The dogs went under the caravan but I just tried unsuccessfully to dodge the raindrops when the palm leaves eventually let them through. It eventually eased up so we hastened towards the Promontory for another circuit. I picked up some rubbish on the beach and deposited it in the skip down in the car park. The sky was forbidding so we turned about and headed back to the camping arriving just as heavier rain fell.

I closed the van door, fed the dogs and then dried them off. Then I let them inside and lit the stove to dry them and prevent the van becoming too wet. The next task was to prepare my breakfast and the Doggy Dinners for later. The dogs, having been walked and fed, soon fell asleep so it was peaceful for a while.

Eventually, the rain gave way to sunny intervals so we adjourned outside under the awning and the dogs onto the decking to enjoy the sunshine.

For the remainder of the day, the sun has continued to shine between the occasional cloud although there has been a southerly/southeasterly wind pushing the sea up Grammeno Beach.

Other than eat breakfast and sit in the sunshine reading the papers, I have done very little. I spent some time with Nikos who was working on his van’s electrical system and later, I went for a wander around the camping to see that the punters were still there and then onto the beach to watch the waves. I was joined by Alma, who asked if she could accompany me on the Evening Walk as she’d had very little exercise today.

I went back, fed various cats and got the dogs ready for their walk. Alma met us as they spilled out onto the beach road whereupon we headed up towards Plakaki. We got only as far as the river since the sea was still pushing water up and had formed a lake. The dogs decided to go for a paddle before turning back towards the Promontory.

We attempted the rocks at the end of the Promontory and made it as far as the causeway but turned back as the waves were breaking over the causeway. Alma and I might have made it without a ducking but we risked losing a dog or two so chickened out and turned back.

It was nearly dark as we returned to the car park with the same number of dogs as we’d set out. The German couple with the young son were walking on Grammeno Beach so I left Alma to go back into the camping via the beach gates where their van is parked.

The sea is very vocal in the distance so it must be very loud for those in their vans nearby. I find I don’t hear it after a while.

Not as warm as yesterday by any means and much wetter. More rain tonight so I’d better put my bike inside as it’s cleaner now.


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