Unregistered alien

I amused myself with a little Perry Mason before bed as yet another crime was solved! Isabella was banished to the outside for aggressive behaviour towards Fido so there was plenty of space on the benches and on the floor. She is quite a big girl who takes up a lot of space. Only by her absence is it more evident as to the space she occupies. She remained out all night despite attempts to come inside when there were fireworks at midnight. Some of the fireworks dragged on and on with intermittent bangs which wound up Luis and Fido in particular.

We could have gone out earlier as I was awake at 05:00 but the prospect was unappealing on New Year’s Day. I loafed around after the alarm went off so it was past 07:00 by the time we were on our way.

The walks were the same as the previous days although we were back later and there was no fisherman and car on the beach. I had an interesting collection of plastic bottles picked up on the return leg of Alonáki Beach which I deposited in the waste container before embarking on the second tour of the Promontory.

There was no one about so we wandered unhindered over the rocks and back to the camping where I dispensed doggy kibble to the assembled masses. By this time, the sun was making more of an effort as the black clouds which were a prominent aspect of the morning sky were beginning to dissipate into larger patches of blue sky.

I prepared my breakfast whilst the dogs enjoyed the warmth on the decking. Now that I have trimmed the trees, this is again possible at least for a while.

I amused myself whilst waiting for my breakfast by sorting out some camping admin then looked at a couple of YouTube videos as I ate it.

Distant voices announced the arrival of people walking on the beach and even going into the water. I’m told it’s a tradition for young, healthy individuals to bathe at the local beaches on New Year’s Day. Alma said she’d been swimming however I only went in as far as my knees. A length of thin reinforcing rod was poking up through the sand on the beach this morning and consequently poked into my leg very annoyingly. I’d already washed the affected area in freshwater, then seawater followed by medical alcohol back at base but felt immersion in the sea might not go amiss.

I received some emails from HMG about the Brexit agreement with links taking me to websites containing information as to what I should do now that I’ve become an unregistered alien. There was a lot to read so I finally decided to speak to Nikos seeing as he’s actually Greek so might know. He told me there is a place I can visit in Paleochora which will assist me in filling out the paperwork and jumping through the hoops. If I don’t have to go to Chania to do all of this, I shall not be upset. He suggested I might leave it a couple of months so that the systems are properly functional and they actually know what is required.

Other than that, the day has involved making some bread as well as petting pussies as I wandered the camping. The sun is rushing towards the horizon and I can sense the cool air through the tent door to my right. The Pot is cooking a potato for me and some rice for the dogs. We’ll wait a little longer before going out for a walk so that the day-trippers will have gone home and we can have the place to ourselves.

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