Nice smell of bread

I remembered to take the yeast out of the fridge and feed it last night. I fed the other half before putting it back in the fridge. That way, it will last at least another week.

The start of the day was quite busy as I’d decided to go shopping in Paleochora after taking the dogs for their Early Walk. It was another clear but a little cloudy morning although certainly not cold. We walked the usual route and only Charlie was slacking and completely disappeared on the rocks section of the second circuit of the Promontory. He reappeared on the Big Beach so had probably been lurking somewhere out of sight. He’s pretty good at lurking or generally dilly-dallying.

We were back at the camping a few moments after 08:00 so I put the dogs in and bunged all of my washing in the machine before setting off for Paleochora.

Yiannis was on the checkout and informed me it was his name day then gave me a small pastry which provided more energy than I’d expended to cycle to Paleochora and back. I seem to have bought a lot of fruit and vegetables as my shopping bag was very heavy. An advantage of an electric bike is that heavy shopping has very little impact on progress.

Once back at the camping, I released the dogs, emptied the washing machine and hung up my washing so it would be dry before evening. I then fed the dogs, unpacked the shopping, made up the dough and my breakfast. I then sat down to answer some emails.

There was little left of the morning by the time I’d eaten breakfast in the warm sun. I might have even fallen asleep for a few minutes after all the activity.

I prepared the bread and left it to rise. I’m using a brown flour which yielded a rather unsatisfactory loaf on a previous attempt. This time, I’ve used a different technique so perhaps the results will be better.

The remainder of the day was spent chatting to Nikos, dealing with the laundry, making my bed and folding up and putting away my clothes. I also made a half-hearted attempt at reorganising my storage area which used to be the shower room.

The oven is still on but the second loaf will only go in when I leave to walk the dogs as otherwise it will be too well done.

It has been another warm and sunny day following a cloudy start. As can be seen from the chart, there has been hardly a breeze.

The Express Evening Walk lasted exactly thirty minutes so that I could be back in time for the bread. The aroma of baking bread could be detected from quite a distance. Let’s hope it has a better texture this time around.

The forecast is for warmer weather over the weekend with some cooler, wetter weather next week

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