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I watched the second episode of Heartbeat, which is set in the 60s in Yorkshire near Whitby. It stars Nick Berry, previously of Eastenders as Simon Wicks, the PC who moves with his wife, a doctor, from London to a quiet Yorkshire village. The storyline is harmless, the acting good and the music great.

Earlier, I’d gone back further in time to an episode of Secret Army where an airman trialling a secret new bomber guidance system gets lost whilst the Underground try to smuggle him into Spain. He gets on the wrong train to find himself near Tours. He is eventually sheltered by an ex-pat British writer who, under subtle pressure from a friend, who is the local police chief, turns him in. The underground agent is shot dead and the airman captured by the Luftwaffe Police.

Out earlier in the morning as I was awake just after six. It was still dark as we walked up towards Plakaki and I needed my torch to get across the rocks without tripping over and falling flat on my face. It was light by the time we turned back at Plakaki and the sun was rising as we walked the Promontory for the second time. It was sunny for the second circuit even though it was just after eight when we arrived back at the camping.

I made the dogs wait until 09:00 whilst I answered some emails and finally fed them. I then prepared my breakfast as well as the Doggy Dinners for later.

Litsa and Manolis came to the camping and gave me a large bag of mandarins. Manolis also found the missing hose from reception which had been cheekily attached to another tap to provide water for the guys who are laying the pedestrian and cycleway in front of the camping. I have now relocated the hose to the locked workshop until it’s next needed by Tony for watering the plants at reception.

Later, I let Litsa into the office so that she could put her good luck €10 note on the pinboard together with another trinket. I think she might be a little superstitious.

I managed to squeeze in my breakfast followed by a short snooze even though the weather wasn’t as warm as the day before. I’d removed several layers in anticipation but at no time was I overdressed.

The morning quickly drifted into the afternoon which included a chat with Nikos as well as a visit to Maria’s room to find a book and a travel card for Maria who’d called earlier in the day. I understand she is in Athens at the family home.

I spent a little time providing information for a campsite website which Georgia had sent to me the previous day. It didn’t take long to fill in the information and it might bring some customers. A French organisation has created the site which is heavily biased towards France although they have gone to the trouble of including campsites from many other European countries.

The day has been disappointingly cloudy and nothing like as warm as yesterday as I wandered around the camping. The pussies didn’t seem too fussed as they lay and played in the patches of sunshine. The two brothers are particularly amusing as they play vigorously together.

In a text exchange earlier, Eleanor and I discussed the possibility of committing Jim’s Journal to a typewritten format. A mammoth task as it spans many years and is mostly handwritten. This blog, which goes back only seven years, consists of 1,765 posts so far. There are still some I need to add from emails exchanged some years ago. At least speech to text is much more reliable as I think we can forget trying to get a computer to translate handwriting to text.

The temperature managed to drag itself over 19℃ but only just! The middle of next week onwards is looking wetter each time I update the forecast. I think maybe this wonderful spell of fine weather may be coming to an end.

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