North wind

We gathered together, suitably socially-distanced, for a Zoom chat at 21:00. I learned that the entire day had followed the forecast and been wet for the duration of the proceedings. We covered a number of topics ending up with Tronald Dump and the Dreaded Brexit. It seems that the only family members who voted for Brexit were the centre of the day’s event. I await the video with anticipation.

The night was cooler again and the morning started with rain meaning I could turn over and think beautiful thoughts. There seemed to be no more rain so I started to get up. Fortunately, I didn’t get far as it then tipped it down forcing me to retire to my boudoir once more. It was more a heavy shower which ended after twenty minutes or so.

Our walk involved a trip up the beach towards Plakaki where we hadn’t been for a couple of days. I deemed the sky suitably benign to take the risk. It was good to walk along the shoreline once more. Back on the Promontory, we walked to the end, over the rocks and causeway with dry feet, then up to the highest rocky outcrop to admire the view.

Following a little more aimless wandering, and an examination of the sky, I felt we’d pushed our luck so it was time to go back to base for some breakfast. Later, there was some more rain which came down quite vigorously and required the tent door to be closed.

I was making my breakfast inside the van where it was warmer than outside. Strangely, there were a few dogs inside with me.

There was some sun once the rain had moved elsewhere along the island. Not enough sun to fully charge the battery but enough for now.

Much of the day was spent messing with single-board computers although there were a couple of support calls from LBS and EG.

At one point I went over to sort out the water boiler which kept telling me it needed more gas. Considering it uses diesel, that was a little disconcerting. I checked its ‘gas’ supply and even dragged the ladder over to climb on the roof to examine the level in the diesel tank. There was plenty of diesel for this time of the year so I turned the boiler off and left it to consider its position.

Some time passed and I went back to see if it had moderated its behaviour and planned to toe the line. I flicked the switch and it burst into life having forgotten the plethora of error messages it had produced earlier. Hot water at last! Not that it bothers me as I don’t use the main bathrooms as they’re so cold and draughty. I use the WC/shower cubicles when the sun is shining. The water is hot and the sun heats the interior which has a wooden rather than a tiled floor. The door might be louvred but the space is small so it’s easy to build up a lovely, steamy fug in no time.

Stephanie, cycling friend of Alma came to see me to talk about property and buying land. She is renting in Anydri for €400/month and interested in buying a house. I eventually saw her off, fed the cats and went back to the dogs.

It was soon time for the Evening Walk which was uneventful but totally pleasant. There was a mass of clouds to the south with striking contrast of black, grey and white. The New Moon was in a blue sky above the glassy water of the lagoon. If I’d not forgotten my phone, I would have taken a photo. They never really capture the atmosphere anyway.

It was a cool evening so I was glad of my old Peter Storm unlined coat and my hoody up. There was no hanging around and some running to keep warm if nothing else.

The dogs have had their dinners, some spinach awaits my attention and Fido is outside the closed van door making strange dog noises. He didn’t bother to come in when I called him so I left him out there. His technique is to oscillate between pathos and malevolence. Whining pathetically or barking annoyingly. Neither work as I’ll let him in only when he’s more composed and I’m ready. Skinny hopes I’ll stop typing since he’s trying to sleep whilst resting his head on my right elbow.

A chilly, wet day with some welcome sunshine.

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