Rainbow day

The weather is rather unsettled at present with heavy showers mostly in the early mornings, however, today the showers have been quite heavy and more prolonged during the day too.

It was wet at getting up time so I waited a while before committing to the morning’s activities. I finally decided it would be worth taking a chance so got the dogs ready and set off. I’d no sooner closed the gate after me when down came the rain. I called the dogs back and we sat under the awning whilst the rain rattled down on the roof for a while.

It was still very grey when we left but it remained dry long enough to walk towards Plakaki and back and onto the Promontory. We needed to shelter in the large cave for a few minutes to avoid a soaking in another shower. Skinny was elsewhere but must have found shelter as it wasn’t that wet when he caught us up.

I felt we’d been out long enough so we returned to the camping for some breakfast. Soon after, there was another shower so it was a good plan. I fed the dogs as well as myself but we remained captive under the awning except for the occasional sunny interval.

I noticed that Skinny was not inside the van in his habitual spot but fidgeting around outside. I guessed he was about to make a break for freedom but I then became distracted by other things and only noticed his departure when I was coaxing the boiler into life. He appeared in the laundry room looking quite wet. Hardly surprising given the showers we’d had. Alma mentioned she’d seen him when I went down to the beach to check on the clouds.

The Estonians were preparing to go for a walk as Alma had the fidgets too so needed to do something. We were looking out to sea and noticed an interesting phenomenon approaching. I realised it was a wall of rain so we ducked under the bar area whilst it passed. It rained really hard for several minutes and then we went our separate ways.

Skinny is still somewhere at large so likely to return very wet when he eventually gets bored with his travels. He has now returned having been seen by Ursula down by the bar. He has spent the remainder of the day asleep following his exciting excursion alone.

Other than restart the hot water boiler a couple of times, transfer some more ancient emails to blog posts for March/April 2014, I’ve been playing with my original Raspberry Pi as I might use it temporarily whilst I sort out the new one. I’ve put on a new installation of Buster and added the things it needs to function as a media player. It will be rather slow after the Pi4 but I’ll try to live with it…

The dogs are walked and fed so hopefully ready for a restful evening snoozing.

There are still a few malevolent-looking clouds so we’ve probably not seen the last of the rain. Tomorrow’s forecast is ‘partly cloudy’ as opposed to ‘mostly sunny’. It would be good to fill up the battery.

Heavy showers and quite chilly but still tonight. Monday may be wet but hopefully more stable weather will become the norm for the remainder of the week.

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