Indefinite lockdown

Skinny was the unlikely candidate to get me out of bed a couple of times during the night. He woke me up by making pathetic noises then asked to be let out. I’d not long gone back to bed when he was outside the door wanting to come back in. A couple of hours later, he was demanding another exit visa to I got out of bed once more. This time, I waited for him to come back for a little while then gave up and went back to bed. I thought perhaps he’d done a bunk until I heard him shake himself outside. Getting out is fairly easy for him but coming back less so.

There was a smattering of rain during the night but I was in no rush to leap out of bed as it was Sunday morning in January during lockdown. The dogs were hardly hammering on the door to get out; even Isabella who is usually impatient to leave her mark somewhere in the compound.

We were out before 07:00 on a cool and cloudy morning. I took a few moments to examine the progression of the clouds to determine their direction. I concluded they were heading northwest to southeast so finer weather was on the way.

We went round the Promontory with some excitement crossing the rocks and the causeway. Charlie is getting the hang of listening to instructions and acting accordingly. He might realise I’m on his side and not up for a wet, fluffy dog or worse one carried away by the waves and the current. The sea might be ‘warm’ however I’m not looking for excuses to go bathing.

Progress to Plakaki was brisk and, even though I was making a good pace, the dogs were well ahead of me. So long as I can see them, it doesn’t matter. On the beach, it’s easy as there are few obstructions. Coming back from Plakaki, I picked up a couple of items from the beach and gave them a lift to the rubbish container.

Our second tour of the Promontory was equally brisk although we took time to admire the sky, sea, waves and so on. There were some dodgy-looking clouds on the way so we retreated in good order for some breakfast back at the ranch.

As it’s a Doggy Dinner Day, I was preparing that as I was getting my breakfast underway. Consequently, the DDs were in as soon as the morning’s glue was ready. It was sunny by now so I was keen to get the DDs in during the sunny spell as I had beanz to cook later. The battery didn’t get fully charged yesterday and I used the fan heater quite a bit last night. Tomorrow is likely to be devoid of any sunshine so the battery will be reasonably low by Tuesday. I’ve still not got to grips with how much power is required and how much the battery can give. Having the new software I purchased working would help immensely however the new Pi is still not booting so I can’t swap them over. The old Pi is not quite ready to be swapped in as a temporary measure.

Once the sun got going, it was warm and comfortable under the awning. I’m uncertain of the temperature as I’ve moved the thermometer inside as the one there is totally inaccurate.

Other activities involved further processing of the DDs and preparation of the beanz. Manolis, Georgia’s brother, arrived with a huge dish of stuffed tomatoes and peppers. We had a chat and put the world to rights as he handed it over. The dogs remained conveniently quiet. Martha had promised to put something together for me when she and Georgia visited the other day. Now I can have the beanz which are currently in the pot with the rice for the DDs, with the gemista! Bravo Martha!

I made some modifications to the socket for the fan heater as it meant draping the cable around the floor. The socket strip kept being knocked down by the dogs anyway. It’s now upside-down but much nearer to the optimum position for the fan heater to blow diagonally across the floor to where I sit. Dogs that don’t want to be in the line of fire can sit behind or beside the heater so all tastes should be catered for.

The water was hot on the cubicle showers so I got in there for a long shower knowing that the next day or so are forecast to be cold and wet. Great joy! There is a picture of a snow-covered house in Athens and we’re expecting snow on Crete except for by the coast. The high mountains have been covered with snow for a few days.

It’s getting dark and Isabella is fidgeting so we’d better go out to burn off some energy before settling down to a peaceful evening in front of the box.

The dogs charged out onto the beach as usual. A car was still parked in the beach car park and a man was trying to start his motorcycle. Despite their excitement, the dogs didn’t interfere with the man and his bike and only Obi woofed a couple of times until I told him to shut up. Charlie went a little wide to be seen ambling down Grammeno Beach but I reeled him in and the rest was straightforward.

It’s plain to see that today wasn’t particularly warm with a high of 13.3℃ and a low of 8.4℃. Tonight is likely to be cooler with a low around 5℃ with snow on high ground. I will break out the 13.5 tog duvet for the next few days I think.


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