Definitely winter!

I prepared my bed with the duvet as, up until now, I’ve been using only a sheet and a fleecy blanket or two. These conditions call for reinforcements as the roof vent above my bed is always open and the van door also has a gas vent and fits only where it touches!

My evening viewing included The Crown episode where Lord Louis is blown up on his fishing boat in Ireland and June’s brother lost his life at the Warrenpoint ambush with seventeen other soldiers. The episode didn’t mention the demise of June’s brother Wally by name. Apparently, Mountbatten, then 89, survived the blast to be rescued by fishermen but was to die later from his injuries. Several others aboard also died immediately or soon after. The IRA claimed responsibility for the assassination.

More rain fell during the night and again this morning meaning we didn’t go for our walk until after 08:00. We nipped out and down the beach towards Plakaki and back rapidly as there was a cold wind from the northeast blowing across the beach.

Once on the Promontory in the shelter of the bushes, life was a little warmer however it was very chilly as we crossed the rocks and the causeway. Even though the wind was northerly, the sea was still a little unpredictable.

Angry sky

The sky darkened and light rain fell so we headed back to the van after a comparatively short walk. The precipitation became a little more intense as we crossed the field so I was hurrying them all back so as to avoid excessive doggy dampness.

The rain came down harder and there were a couple of thunderclaps and some lightning especially for Skinny who is a devotee. I fed them and we all piled into the van where I lit the gas stove since it was only 12C or so.

I prepared my breakfast and checked my emails. There were a couple of support calls from Inter Sport as well as some emails. It was very cold and windy outside so I was inside too. I don’t reckon to spend more than a couple of days in the van each year but today was one of them.

I wandered over to check the hot water situation as well as for any post in the mailbox. I didn’t stay out too long and was glad to return to the warmth of the van.

The day seemed to speed by. I won a couple more remote collars on eBay so now each dog will have a remote collar with even a spare! The guy was selling two collars and the controller and they look almost new. He is kindly sending them out in the post so them should be with me in a couple of weeks.

I walked down to the beach to see how the Estonians were faring. They were in their van with the heating on for the first time during their stay. They have a new, well-insulated van and are hardy as they come from Estonia. We chatted briefly before I went to the beach to see the sea and look at the clouds which were moving rapidly.

Soon after, I took the dogs out for the Evening Walk having put their doggy rice on first. We are sitting inside the van although Isabella and Obi are outside under the awning. She insisted on following me as I put my food on top of the Pot to reheat so is stuck out there until I let her in. She insists on following me everywhere especially where food is concerned!

The strong wind made the temperature feel a lot lower than 7℃. The lowest, since my recordings began, is 3.1C which was in January 2017. Tomorrow is predicted to be chilly but there should be a lot less cloud.


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