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For some reason, I was awake early. Certainly not through cold as my duvet was very warm and comfortable. I was keen to get back to sleep having let Charlie out. Very unusual to have to let him out.

There was a little wind and it was still on the cool side but not as bad as the previous day. The Promontory was in darkness as dawn was only just breaking as this was the earliest we’ve been out for a couple of days due to weather or laziness.

The river was still running but had shrunk in width so I was able to cross with dry feet thanks to a couple of stepping stones. Luis and Fido needed a little more persuasion as they are more low-slung than the others, nevertheless, they made it. We continued to the Plakaki rocks where we turned back. There were plenty of sandy bits for jogging which was convenient.

It was very pleasant for the second Promontory circuit as there was sun and blue sky. We didn’t rush quite as much as during the first visit. I’d picked up some rubbish on Alonáki Beach which I deposited in the receptacle and was pleased to see Grammeo Beach and the Big Beach looked clean and tidy.

We were back at the camping after eight so I fed the dogs to get ahead of the day. I then prepared my breakfast and started on the Doggy Dinners. I was pleased to find that the water boiler was working when I went over to collect food from the main kitchen.

The sun was omnipresent as there were few clouds to get in the way. My solar panels were harvesting the sun’s rays and the battery was charging. Now that I have the new software working, I have a good idea as to how much electricity is used for heating and how quickly the battery can be filled up when there is sufficient sun.

I was quite busy on the IT front as I had a few enquiries for support from Inter Sport, LBS and Furniture Helpline. It never rains…

The calls kept me busy a little while and then I finished processing the DDs and tidied up. I noticed Nikos leaving in his van but otherwise traffic was very slow as it has been for weeks.

It was when I was preparing the Doggy Rice and fixing up something for myself that I received a message from Maria telling me that someone was at the gate requiring attention.

I walked up to be greeted by a Nigerian man who was pleased to discover I spoke English. He’s been in Greece several years but still not very fluent so he tells me. He’s looking for work in the tomatoes so I put him in Z6 where there’s an electricity meter and he gets the sun in the afternoon.

I told him that he should wait outside the supermarket from 07:00 if he hopes to find any work as he has nothing planned. I mentioned that the Albanians seem to have the monopoly.

The next activity was to walk the dogs where we happened upon a couple who are refugees from Paleochora Camping due to ongoing works, noise and general dust. Their dog was tired up outside so there was a bit of a gathering and any food left in her bowl soon disappeared.

We chatted a few minutes and they petted the dogs before we moved on to start our walk. I must remember they are there in the morning to give them a wide berth. Going back wasn’t a problem as the dogs simply ignored the dog and the van and followed me back to the camping.

The presence of their dog might explain the additional doggy excitement during the day.

The dogs, including Skinny, have been fed and I’m sitting outside writing this which indicates that it’s a lot warmer than the previous nights. Tomorrow should be a fine day although the weather becomes unsettled again after the weekend.

The high of 17℃ was positively tropical.

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