Caught in the act

We left a little later this morning as I thought the dog from last night might have been outside the couple’s van. As it turned out, we passed by with only the minimum of barking and it was from her not my lot.

It was warmer so I wasn’t wearing a coat but much cloudier than I thought it would be from the forecast. The river had turned into a stream and even Fido could simply hop over it without getting his feet wet. The sea was the calmest I’ve seen it for several days.

Our walk was longer than expected as the nice lady in the van came out to offer the hoards some surplus dog biscuits she was unable to fit into the food container for her dog. She must have sprinkled around 1kg of food around the car park for them to eat. We chatted about this and that and the dogs wandered around.

I’d planned to go into Paleochora but it was around 09:00 by the time we were back. Then Nikos came to give me some oranges and lemons so we chatted a long time. The dogs were still waiting for their food but had already had their starters in the car park. My breakfast was even later as I sat outside in the chair to enjoy the sunshine for a while. It developed into one of those brunches.

The sun disappeared after a while as the clouds thickened but still time to produce 4.7 kWh of electricity which equated to that which I used the previous evening heating the van.

The leisurely morning terminated in brunch and from there the day slowed down even more. The shirt which I’d removed to sunbathe was quickly put back on with additional layers after a short time.

I caught Skinny popping over the corner of the inner fence into the SDC. He was out the field gate and on his way down the path when I emerged from the awning area. I sweetly called him back and he came back in through the gate and into the inner compound. At this point, I decided to inspect and replace the broken hinge which was discouraging me from closing the outer gate. I removed a hinge from one of the doggy house doors to replace the defective bottom hinge to the field gate. The hardest bit was removing the pop rivets which had been used to secure the door to the hinge. The door was long since departed and required an update should I need a house with a door.

It was nearly time for the Evening Walk but I popped off for a shower beforehand. We were about to leave when there was a support call from LBS which I dealt with before departure. The dogs were trying to be patient. Their patience was further tested when we got to the car park with the dog and the van. There was no problem with the dog just that the nice lady came out to see the monsters again. It was getting dark when we finally moved onto the Promontory for our walk.

A couple of fishermen appeared to be packing up as we passed and there was a number of flashing markers in the sea presumably lobster pots. They were very bright. The moon managed to shine for some while but periodically disappeared behind the clouds.

Back at the camping, I was about to feed them when the Nigerian guy announced he was leaving on Friday morning to return to Chania to the job he left to come here. We talked about the summer as he makes jewellery too. He’s going to call me first before he makes the journey.

We’re inside with Luis snoring loudly to my left and Isabella snuggled up beside me on my right with Charlie to the left. The field gate is closed so hopefully, there will be no further absconding by Skinny!

A tropical 18.5℃ with virtually no wind! The weather looks unsettled for next week.


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