Royal Visit

I felt hot when I woke up so looked at the news on my phone for a while waiting for the alarm. My plan was to go into Paleochora later to get some food for Isabella so it would be after 10:30 anyway. I got up as it was a reasonably mild and still day although there is no moonlight in the mornings yet.

Dawn was competing with the clouds which were coming from the southeast: I could see some clear bits in the distance from my position on the rocks at the end of the Promontory. The dogs were investigating the rock pools so I left them to get on with it for a little while.

The shingle on Alonáki Beach was firm underfoot so progress was good to Plakaki where we turned around. There were no cats to distract the dogs so we turned around and walked back towards Grammeno. Some items of rubbish were redirected to the facilities in the beach car park.

The Germans were in their van but I couldn’t see Channel underneath so she may have been taken inside. We inspected the eastern end of Grammeno Beach as well as the Big Beach on the Promontory. No rubbish there for a change. We carried on down to the rocks where we lingered a while to look at the view.

There was activity in the car park as we crossed to go back to the camping. Talk of them going back to their place at Paleeochora camping for the weekend at least.

I fed the dogs, prepared my breakfast then got on with the Doggy Dinners in the hope of them cooking whilst I was in town later. The Morning Glue was ready so I removed it from the pot and replaced it with the DDs, then ate my breakfast before leaving for Paleochora.

There was rain in the wind and like the previous day, the road was wet. Heike was alone in her shop when I arrived and she had put a bag of food to the side for me. We divided it into 10kg portions for each of my bike bags, I paid and then set off back to the camping. There were a few spots of rain on my bike but I hoped there would be not more.

Even with 20kg of dog food on the back, the bike was an easy ride even though I knew the tyres were a little on the soft side. I’ve since pumped them up again.

I put the food in the storeroom and then filled up the containers I use to store it in the van when I give it to Isabella morning and night. I usually measure the food and put it into the container so that I just have to empty the container into her bowl.

The DDs were cooked so I removed them from the Pot to cool down before I put them through the cutter later. I was in the middle of this when Georgia arrived to see her dogs. She says she’s going to build some new dog houses from panelling so that they don’t have to go into the house when she’s not there as she says it’s really dirty in her house as the door is constantly open and the dogs trash the place.

Our conversation included an update on the electricity bill which she has now received. It’s a blistering €8,500! The water meter is still not counting so there’s an ongoing dispute with the water company about that. They have also not sent a bill. There’s the matter of fixing the water meter then calculating the bill based on previous periods I should expect. We agreed that lockdown will go on and on, probably until Easter. Of course, this will not be announced immediately just a series of extensions bit-by-bit.

Georgia was talking with a doctor friend who said there were large numbers of patients presenting with stress-related ailments due to the lockdown. She suggested to him that there should be a very strict, but shorter, Chinese-style lockdown where no one goes out. He seemed to think that people would not be able to cope and would climb the walls.

Mikalis arrived so we talked about lopping the Eucalyptus and reducing some of the other bushes and trees which are taking over. Both left so I was able to continue clearing up after the DDs.

Other than Nikos delivering some bones left from some meat he was cooking up and an adjustment of the entranceway lights which were coming on at 17:00, there was little else. Tony has just taken Georgia’s dogs for a walk but I don’t plan to go before 18:00 anyway.

It seems a lot cooler than this morning. There is the possibility of some rain tonight with the likelihood of a wet start tomorrow. It’s Sunday so a good day for a lie-in.

It’s 14.4℃ with a feels-like temperature of 12.4℃ right now. I’d better put my bike into the storeroom out of the rain.


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