There was around 7mm rain during the night. The noise woke me up so I derived great pleasure in thinking how warm and comfortable it was in my bed and how cold and miserable it must be outside. Further thoughts were lost as I fell back to sleep. Fido went out only once during the night.

Like the monster tracks in Dr No, I discovered the true nature of the tracks discovered the previous night. I could feel unevenness in the ground and could make out some large wheel marks however I managed to walk past a huge excavator parked up next to the CBV fence! I guessed it wasn’t there for decoration, so expected it to start up later on.

How did I not see this? OK, so it was dark…

The walk down to the end of the Promontory was easy as the sand was wet from the night’s rain and dawn had already broken so I was able to see without a torch. We crossed the rocks and the causeway with ease as the sea was behaving nicely.

Our walk down the beach to Plakaki was cut short as the river had started up thanks to the recent rain and it was too wide for me to jump without wet feet. Something for which I was not up. We turned back and walked towards the Promontory and I picked up the day’s collection of debris regurgitated from the sea.

There was intermittent sunshine as we approached the Promontory for the second time. The forecast had mentioned some more rain after 07:00 however it passed us by.

The sunshine was shortlived which increased the cold feeling despite the lack of a strong wind. I wasn’t evening wearing a coat. I shepherded the dogs back to the camping in case the digger man should be starting early as I didn’t wish to be marooned on the wrong side of the filed without leads.

I fed the dogs and started to make my breakfast. It was too cold to be outside under the awning so I went inside where most of the dogs joined me. Shortly after, I went out into the camping to return to the sound of barking dogs.

Xanthippos and another man were in the field so I guessed they were planning to start work on the promised clearance which was mentioned back last summer. I quickly removed my weather station which has been on a metal pole attached to a large rock for a couple of years but today it was time to go.

Soon after, the machine started up and the clearance began. Naturally, the dogs were initially quite excited especially having the pleasure of seeing their old friend Xanthippos. It was cold and raining gently so the dogs and I retired inside to leave the man to play with his machine in relative peace

Before the machine started work. (panoramic)
During operations in our garden
After (panoramic)

The activity continued for much of the day which kept Luis busy as he needed to bark at the machine even though I explained that the machine didn’t care and the man within couldn’t hear. Xanthippos wandered around importantly occasional giving the digger driver the benefit of his extensive experience for which the man must have been forever grateful.

The sun came out, it was warm and we made some electricity which was a good thing seeing as it was cold last night so I had the heater on a long time. It is also on as I write this tonight. With the heater and the Pot plus all of the background items, cameras, switches, computers, lights etc, the load is only 2,000W. The advantages of a 48V system is that it’s possible to get more amps. Worth all of that wiring and fiddling around.

The machine eventually fell silent as did Xanthippos as it was almost 16:00. I got on with some food preparation for the dogs and myself. The excitement of the day meant I hadn’t put my beans on to cook. The Pot has been run three times again today. Will tomorrow be sunny? Hopefully, as I could go shopping too.

It was soon time for the Evening Walk and to explore the newly reconfigured field. I’d confined many of the dogs inside whilst I was cooking as they were quite excited following all the noise and commotion outside. We found our way across, avoiding the piles of stranded vegetation which doubtless Xanthippos will burn before too long. Hopefully on a day with the wind blowing from anywhere but the east.

We arrived on the Promontory following a small group of young adults who were enjoying a moonlight walk. Something to do with the full moon tonight. There was a small amount of initial barking, mostly from the dogs, but they settled down and mingled with the group who mostly ignored them. The group turned back at the rocks however we continued over, taking time to admire the seascape and the wonderful moon.

The moon from Alonáki

There was more excitement as we explored the field on the return journey especially as one of the cats was lurking there too. More excitement for the dogs but the cats are too quick for them and dogs are not that good at climbing trees in my experience.

They have had their supper and mine is in the Pot. Fido and Isabella are outside as they were too slow when I shut the van door. Fido keeps reminding me that he’s outside and I keep ignoring him. One of the joys of having one couple on the site at present is that I care little if the dogs bark.

With a high of 15.7℃, it was an improvement on yesterday but still pretty chilly when it was cloudy. The minimum was 5.8℃ which is the coldest this month and for a long time.


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