Secret Army and the Crown entertained me during the evening. The Secret Army episode was a little depressing due to the reality of agents being betrayed and shot. The episode of The Crown was the Thatcher major cabinet reshuffle, her and Dennis at Balmoral and the visit to Balmoral of Diana Spencer a little later. Diana was able to pass her Balmoral Test with flying colours.

In the morning, I was keen to get going so was out of bed promptly with a little help from Isabella. It was cold at bedtime as well as during the night but it had warmed up to 11℃ from around 5℃ around midnight.

We had a better understanding of the layout of the field from the night before so I didn’t find myself in a trench again. Out onto the beach and then the Promontory. The sea was much calmer as we crossed the rocks and then the causeway. We seemed to have mislaid Charlie somewhere along the way however he appeared soon after once we’d completed the rock section.

Fishing boats were out at sea as witnessed by their lights close to the horizon. There’d been another boat just off the Promontory the previous evening.

We walked Alonáki Beach crossing the stream with no difficulty. Even Luis had only slightly wet feet! It has been quite wet of late however the amount of precipitation has been quite limited. Skinny, Isabella and I arrived at the Plakaki rock before the others we were on the way back when they caught us up.

The second circuit of the Promontory was pleasant as it was lighter and even a little sunny at times. I was eager to get the dogs back so that I could go shopping.

Once they were inside the van, I prepared to go into Paleochora and set off on my bike with a following wind. There was a holdup at the former overhang where the road is narrow due to a trench for the water pipes. This section could not be done previously as it was too narrow before the rocks were cut back.

There were not too many at Petrakis so I was able to get around quickly. The ride back to the camping was harder so I engaged a little more help from the motor. It was a little sunnier but certainly not too warm due to the northwesterly wind.

I released the dogs, fed them before getting on with my breakfast and the Doggy Dinners. I put away my purchases and popped over to check the hot water boiler to discover it was off. Fortunately, a quick reset was all that was needed. I’m sure we’ve almost completed the repertoire of error messages.

Not long after, the machine in the next field started up and work recommenced. A number of different people walked past but the dogs eventually lost interest as the machine was further away and the sun was now warm and more conducive to sleeping than barking.

I ate my breakfast and answered a few emails by which time the DDs were cooked so I could complete the process.

There was a support call from Nick in Seaford who was trying to stocktake using his MacBook. For some reason, the item he scanned appeared all jumbled up when it got as far as the spreadsheet. He decided to do something else and let Richard do the stocktake with his Windows laptop.

The sky became increasingly grey and the dogs increasingly bored. Luis was barking persistently at nothing in particular joined soon after and very loudly by Isabella then Skinny. I’d fitted a collar to Luis so did the same for the other two. The remainder of the afternoon was quieter.

I went down to the sea to check out the clouds which were building to the west. I could see a couple with their dog on the Promontory so went to look at the new villas which have been under construction for the past months. I think there are five of them on quite a small site. More will be revealed in the fullness of time.

I looked at the plot of land between the new-build and the road. It’s a largish plot but with roads on two sides. I suppose that with sufficient screening, it would be alright.

Back at the camping, I considered moving my bike into the storeroom but went back to the van instead. Rain began to fall so I then put my bike inside. There will be no Evening Walk today as I don’t fancy tramping across a muddy field in the rain for some reason and spending the evening with wet dogs.

Quite an uninspiring day but at least it waited until the evening to rain.

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