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Part of the evening’s entertainment was an episode of Ironside in which the chief is held hostage in his own office by a couple who overpower the guards and evade the cells. Ironside manages to thwart their escape from the building almost singlehandedly although the waiting officers in the lobby were quite handy to cart the men off back to the cells. This was followed by another ridiculous episode from ‘Allo Allo’ where the airmen are now on the run dressed as nuns. There are comparisons with Secret Army on which the comedy is based but that is about where the similarities end. I also paid a visit to The Durrells in Corfu.

I was going to give myself a lie-in as it was Sunday but I was awake before the alarm so I didn’t see the point and got up anyway.

For a change, there had been no rain for quite a few hours and I’d woken up in the night because I was too warm! I varied the routine a little and put collars on the inside dogs before doing the outside ones. This didn’t stop Oskar from hiding himself away in the driver’s footwell. I should have his collar inside so I can bag him before he goes down there.

Having fed a multitude of waiting cats, we set off into the darkness to explore the field which had changed considerably little since the previous day as there was no work there. I have found a route which avoids most of the roots and stacks of greenery waiting to be disposed of. The dogs are much slower crossing the field as, previously, they would dash immediately for the beach.

The sky was a lot clearer than it’s been for a long time so I could see dawn was on the way and the moon was also still out. Between dawn and the moon, I didn’t need my torch. It was really rather pleasant!

The sea had got over its unhappiness so was considerably calmer although not altogether totally benign. The waves were still coming up close to where we cross the causeway but not over the top. Charlie wasn’t altogether convinced so had to be given instructions.

We walked back down the Promontory and thence to the Plakaki rocks and back. Other than a few pieces of plastic and Charlie being detained by something totally absorbing, we made it back to Grammeno Beach and the second lap of the Promontory. The dogs had wandered down Grammeno Beach but I simply called them and they arrived en masse.

Today, we had a diversion further along the rocky westerly side of the Promontory and back inland via the large cave which connects with the sea. Only Skinny, Isabella and Charlie were with me as it’s quite an arduous route over the rocks avoiding the waves. I managed to get out of the cave without decapitating myself but it might have been easier if I’d been a dwarf.

We then went back over the rocks in the opposite direction to earlier and then to the camping passing the waste receptacle once more.

One reason for not having a Sunday lie-in was to get some washing done. Before feeding the dogs, I stripped my bed and took nearly all of my dirty laundry to the machine. Sunday is often a day for Bona to visit so I didn’t want to be monopolising the machine should she wish to use it.

Another outstanding activity was to complete my tax return which I then got on with. I find I have £13 to pay!

After all the excitement, the morning flowed warmly and gently into the afternoon. I swapped some washing around on the line having spent much of the remaining time loafing on the decking in my chair.

Today’s high is 19.9℃ so cooler than yesterday. At one point, I was only wearing shorts but put on a T-shirt due to the easterly wind which has gradually increased throughout the day.

Other activities included making my bed and swapping the duvet for a couple of blankets as the next days should remain above 10℃ at night and it’s easier to throw off a blanket than a duvet as it’s all or nothing.

I folded and put away all of the laundry which was washed and discovered the items which were hiding when I was getting it all ready for the machine. I’ve prepared a cat food mix of 50/50 Friskies/horrible food as this seems a good way to get the horrible food eaten. I need a better plan for the cat food as mixing it together is a chore and more of the cats now come into the cat section of the compound to eat so I need to give them all the same food as they are not stupid.

Georgia called to say that men will be coming tomorrow to tidy up the camping and top the eucalyptus trees. They will probably be there for a couple of days as they will go through the whole place trimming, lopping and generally tidying the place up. For the remainder of the season, it’s just a matter of keeping it under control. Georgia will be there to direct operations however these guys know their stuff so won’t take much notice.

Thanks to all the sun, the battery is fully charged to around 80-85% of capacity. It tops out at 56.4V which is before the pain threshold of charging to 100% and battery degradation.

Monthly weather summary for January with a high of 23.4℃ and a low of 4.9℃ on 28th. This month was quite dry with 79mm precipitation whereas the wettest January was 2019 with 216mm rain.
Today’s weather summary.


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