All alone…

It was a good idea to put the duvet away as I ended up sleeping under only a sheet at one point. For some reason, I keep waking up before the alarm so I was out on deck just after 06:00. It was 18℃ by this time as the temperature had been rising all night.

We set off across the field to a wonderfully clear sky with the dawn in the background. Over to the west was the moon so I was able to turn off my torch. The mornings really are beginning to get lighter earlier!

The wind was still from the east so it was easy going across the rocks and the causeway. The sea was still pretty excited on the eastern side of the Promontory.

We had an unremarkable walk to the Plakaki rocks and there was hardly any rubbish to pick up on the way back. We walked back over the rocks and to the camping. I needed to get some food so put the dogs inside before riding into Paleochora.

The wind was against me but not as strong as it was earlier. There was a fine array of fresh produce in front of the supermarket but no cucumbers which were due in the afternoon.

With the shopping out of the way, I rode back with the wind helping. Tony and Michalis had already arrived for the great pruning session and Georgia wasn’t too far behind. I went to the office to get Alma’s passport as they were going to appointments in Chania so wanted to pay what they owed as they hadn’t decided what to do next.

I let out the dogs and did the breakfast thing as the sound of chainsaws filled the air. This was the story for much of the day.

I had some mail accounts to sort out for EG and Simon contacted me about a replacement scanner for Caroline. In all, this took up much of the remainder of the day. The only light relief was to finish off the Doggy Dinners which had finished cooking earlier.

With all of the noise on the camping, the dogs were pretty calm and spent most of the time asleep. The day was mostly cloudy so, in comparison to yesterday, hardly any electricity was generated.

It was starting to get dark so we went off for the evening walk around 18:20 and it was still quite light! There was one car in the beach car park which was still there when we returned around thirty minutes later. It was quite dark by then.

I was keen to get round so didn’t hang around other than to gather them together at the rocks and after crossing the causeway. Strangely, I still had the same number when we went back into the field gate and into the camping. The dogs seem to have got the hang of going out, keeping together and actually managing to come back without absconding every five minutes.

There were a few spots of rain in the evening but not enough to wet the decking. A very overcast day.


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