Barking Obi in the night

Obi is a conscientious guard dog so nearly always sleeps outside, summer and winter. Only under particularly horrible conditions does he sleep inside at night. I was surprised to hear him bark at 02:50 especially as he continued to do so. He wasn’t so much barking just woofing so as to warn everyone and to make his presence felt to any would-be intruders.

I got up with a torch and quickly panned the field area as this was where his interest was focussed. I saw nothing but then I’d just got out of bed and it was the middle of the night! I retired back to bed and Obi was silent for a while…

He started up again and made a more determined effort, so this time I got dressed and, armed with my trusty truncheon and accompanied by a vicious attack cat, I set off for a wander of the camping just in case.

I found nothing so went out onto the beach via the larger gate and then along in front of CBV and as far as the corner before turning left a little way. My vicious cat following me constantly and ready to pounce viciously upon any assailant. We saw nothing so returned to the camping and Obi was happy as there was no further barking all night.

Isabella was dying to accompany me but I feared that she might try to lick any assailant to death. In any event, it was a fine, clear night with a bright moon and equally twinkly stars so not too much of an imposition. The dogs often bark at the most innocent things which include hedgehogs, cats in the undergrowth or strays roaming nearby.

In light of this disturbance to my slumbers, I didn’t wake until the alarm sounded so dawn was evident by the time we were out. Our walks followed the usual pattern and there was little of note other than it was a fine morning and Oskar appeared with the lower part of a goat’s leg in his mouth. Having not found any three-and-a-half-legged goats, I surmised he found the treasure on the beach.

I’d spoken to Antonis about a plot of land at Krios and he suggested that riding there on the pretext of exercise would not cause a problem with the lockdown restrictions. He now lives at Krios and reports that the police don’t go even as far as Kountoura.

I set off on my bike upwards between the greenhouses, past the Rug’s house and down again past Antonis’ parents’ place and then to Krios where there was a German camper parked and two men speaking to each other in German. There was a couple of dogs who’d not seem me for a while but hadn’t forgotten.

We had a chat, I petted the dogs then went back to the camping to let out the dogs and feed them. It was now wonderfully sunny so I opened up the front of the tent to benefit from the sunshine. The bread dough had risen overnight so I fired up the oven to make it rise a little more then put it in to bake.

There was a visit from Nikos who had a bowl of beetroot skins for the dogs and then I ate my breakfast and caught up with the missing hour of sleep.

Other activities included charging Isabella’s and Skinny’s collars and rationalising some of the chargers by tidying up the leads. Later, I took down the lights which usually adorn the pussy enclosure fence as the big carob tree blocks the sunlight from the solar panel and the pussies push it down towards the ground. I have yet to devise a sensible way to mount the lamps so that they are sheltered from the rain as some of the plastic globes have water inside. I drilled small holes to let this out before it corroded the internals entirely. The solar panel is now mounted on the awning roof.

Tony was dressed in a mask spraying the trees earlier I noticed and Nikos appears to have forsaken his cave for a spot by the beach. How he survived under the shade at the back of the camping, I know not.

We have had our Evening Walk which was most enjoyable, just after the sunset. There were plenty of stars and I gather I’m supposed to count the number of stars in the Orion Constellation as this gives an indicator of air quality. There was a support call from Richard at Inter Sport as I was out so I took pleasure in describing the scene to him. All dogs returned almost simultaneously without any intervention on my part. I ignored them for the entirety of the walk now I come to think of it. They seem to follow their own little routines, not wander off and pitch up at the end. Result!

Almost in the red zone with the temperature! Tomorrow and Monday look a little cloudy.

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