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It blew hard from the east all night so I was glad to be tucked up in my warm bed. I found it equally difficult to extract myself from my warm bed when the alarm went at 06:05 so it was not until over fifteen minutes later that I rose to release Skinny and Isabella on the Obi who was, as usual, outside.

There was some general excitement and eagerness to get through the gate into the SDC: they were even more eager to get out into the field. It was not long that I discovered the reason for their eagerness as The Rug materialised from the direction of the beach much to the delight of Isabella. The two of them immediately embarked on a series of games mostly involving barking and running around.

The two of them were playing together all around the Promontory but were apart for the beach section to Plakaki. They went in the sea together so we had a couple of decidedly wet dogs as we headed up the Promontory once more.

The Rug had headed off as we crossed the field back to the camping but I saw her lying not far from the gate later on. I put the dogs into the van and headed off to Krios for some exercise. There was no one at Krios other than a few goats so I started my return trip. Gregory and dogs were on the road heading back from Kountoura. We had a brief conversation, I petted the dogs and then went off in opposite directions.

There were men working on laying the new pavement outside of the camping entrance. There had been a pile of aggregate blocking the entrance for several weeks. Strangely, they worked on the other side so, should anyone have wished to come into the camping it would have been a little difficult.

There was a bit of a doggy outburst as I was preparing my breakfast so I went out to find The Rug sitting patiently outside the gate. I let her in and she just made herself at home.

A little more barking later on alerted me to a couple walking in the camping. I went to intercept them to discover they were looking after the large, ginger cat. Apparently, he was rescued from Iraklion but didn’t hit it off with the other cats so has been roaming ever since. I confirmed that he spent most of his time here and came regularly at mealtimes. The couple fed the other cats who were following us around then left to go back next door.

There have been no support calls today and, other than chatting to Nikos, wandering to the beach and up to the office as few times, it’s been rather an unproductive day. There were plenty of things I could have done just that I couldn’t tear myself away from the other unimportant activities I was engaged in.

The Rug was finally shepherded out of the gate into the camping where she followed me around for a while before I managed to shake her off and sneak back into the compound. She was still about as we discovered when we went out for the Evening Walk at 18:30. Somehow, she’d managed to get on the wrong side of CBV’s fence but found her way through into Mr Ammos Beach Bar’s storage area.

The walk was energetic for Isabella and The Rug as they romped along together with Isabella barking excitedly. Hopefully, Isabella will be suitably tired and will crash out now that she’d had her food. All eight dogs came back in from the field however The Rug was directed to the gate into the camping and advised to go home. I think she just likes a little company from time-to-time.

The wind subsided but it was cloudy all day so the temperature didn’t make it to 20℃.At present, Sunday onwards is looking showery.

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