Smart Shunt

There was a little more Obi activity this morning and a little Skinny barking when I let him and Isabella out. Unfortunately, I was in the loo at the time so it might have woken the neighbours.

Out Early Walk was warm, in fact it was too warm so I wished I’d left one of my layers behind. We walked the Promontory and then to Plakaki before being joined by our visitor much to the delight of Isabella. From then onwards, everything livened up!

There were eight dogs when we arrived back at the camping so I put six inside and left the two girlies outside whilst I went of a ride to Krios on my bike.

There, I met Gregor, Bella and Boy. We talked about a large gas tanker which Gregor had spotted and photographed earlier. I looked it up on Marine Traffic where we could compare photos. There was a chilly breeze so our conversation was reasonably short and I headed back to the camping.

I invited The Rug to leave so that I could feed the dogs and she obediently wandered around the camping to annoy Georgia’s dogs before returning to her post outside the gate. I fed the mob and got on with my breakfast preparations. Later, The Rug was still outside so I let her back in where she remained for the rest of the day.

It was another warm day with sunny intervals but with enough sun to charge the battery. I wandered to the office to check for post and then went down to spend some time in deep contemplation on the beach with the help of a sun lounger.

I was not overheated even though I was wearing a couple of layers as the wind from the south was brisk. The cloudiness continued and the intervals became less frequent.

I had an IT support task to attend to at 15:00 so returned to deal with that. I looked up idly from the laptop to see the courier van parked at reception so strode up there to receive a package for me and two for Nikos. The courier was supposed to call Nikos before he arrived at the camping which probably explains why I got there first.

I gave Nikos his packages and told him about my Smart Shunt. I also showed him the flashing collars I got for Skinny and Isabella as they are difficult to keep track of when it’s dark.

The Smart Shunt is made by Victron Energy which is a Dutch company. They manufacture high-quality energy products which are some of the best on the market. Premium products with a premium price however they work and integrate with everything else they produce.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent in removing the shunt that I filled originally and which never worked correctly. I’ve installed two other measuring devices for my battery but neither has worked reliably. The Smart Shunt cost as much as the other two devices but will actually provide reliable as well as accurate information to an app on my phone.

It was getting late so no time to try out the new flashing collars on the Evening Walk. Eight dogs went out but only seven came back in which was extremely convenient. Hopefully, the visitor has gone home for her dinner. The best kind of guest: one that visits but doesn’t dine!

Warmer than the forecast and much sunnier. Things will change at the weekend and next week could be some 10℃ cooler. Out with the duvet again!

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