Lucky Luis

I wasn’t in my pit for more than a few moments when there was a barking outside the gate. I recognised the bark so concluded that to get some peace, she needed to be let back in. I put on my shorts and shoes then went to let her in. There was no more sound until the morning.

During the night, Luis and Fido had gone to investigate some rodent sounds at the front of the van but hadn’t really thought the whole thing through. The problem now was how to get back onto the bench seat at the rear with Isabella taking up most of the carpeted area at the back. Fortunately for them, Isabella came over to see me when I was disturbed so they were able to use her absence to nip quickly onto the seat.

It was just after 06:30 as we crossed the field. It felt much cooler than the previous day so I was glad to have all of my layers. Skinny was flashing again so I amused myself watching him race around. He has his own little routine which doesn’t involve any of the others. With The Rug present, Isabella’s attentions are turned away from him as she is a much more responsive playmate.

Despite being a little chilly, it was a beautiful morning and the sea was quite calm so hardly any plastic to pick up from the beaches. We went to Plakaki and back then once more to the end of the Promontory. By then the sun was more powerful so I felt quite warm.

I left the girlies outside before I departed for Krios. I think Gregory had not long arrived so we sat in the sunshine and chatted a while. Quite a long while as it was after 09:30 when I returned to the camping.

I’d just taken off some collars and put them on the kitchen unit when there was a crash as all the junk on the top clattered to the ground. The webbing straps which keep the unit level had snapped at the front so the unit lurched backwards. I tidied up and fixed the problem with the help of a ratchet strap and a length of plastic-covered wire washing line.

I fed all of the dogs, including the visitor as she cannot have eaten recently. I made my breakfast and cleaned the top of the unit as it seemed like a good opportunity. Gradually, the clutter has reappeared however some has been relocated.

The day was now quite warm, the dogs were making good use of the sunshine so it was wonderfully quiet. I might even have fallen asleep.

There were no support calls just a few emails so not a particularly demanding day. I wandered to the office to see if there was anything from the postman as I’m waiting for something despatched from UK on 18 January. Delivery seems particularly slow recently. Hopefully, the docket will come tomorrow so I can go into the postoffice in the afternoon to collect.

I brought in the ladder to climb up to the camera to clean the lens which I’d forgotten to do when I first installed the camera high up on the roof. The picture is much clearer now and it’s possible to see much further with the IR at night!

I put on the doggy rice before taking them for their Evening Walk which was much more blustery than this morning. It was a brief but energetic affair as it was too chilly to be standing around. I managed to get them all back almost together.

I doled out the food and one amongst the rabble made the mistake of helping herself to what was going to be her food anyway. Regardless of apparent size and fluffiness, she had a good telling off so retreated to the decking. As it turned out, Luis finished off her food! No dog ever leaves anything unless they’re close to imminent death.

A presentable high of 21.4℃. It would have felt warmer had there been no wind which increased during the afternoon. Next week is shaping up to be cold and wet with minimums of 3℃ which is not cold by UK standards and will be much colder in the mountains.


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