Perry Mason solved another difficult murder and protected his client from jail. I was amused the Paul Drake, Perry’s faithful detective, phoned into his messaging service to retrieve his messages. To think that I used an automated messaging service before the advent of the home answering machine and the mobile phone.

Fido DIDN’T get me up in the night for a change however Skinny and Isabella were quick to turf me out once they heard the alarm. It wasn’t cold so getting up and out wasn’t difficult. When it’s cold, dark and windy, I find it a bit of a struggle.

Our walk was pretty much like any other with Isabella dashing around madly occasionally ‘attacking’ Skinny, Obi or Charlie. She seems to leave the others alone. Skinny and Obi are quick to chase her off however poor Charlie just squeals pitifully.

I put the dogs inside except Charlie and Isabella. I don’t put her inside with the others as she can be a bit of a nuisance. Charlie promised to keep quiet so I left him out too.

Gregory was gazing out at the little island counting the cormorants as I arrived. I sat with him in the sun chatting, viewing some of his photos and reminiscing over 60s/70s music. He told me that he went up to the guy’s house and told him that The Rug was at the camping in my care. He left immediately to pick her up. I could have taken her back to him however I didn’t see why I should have to. Better that someone else deliver the message.

The clouds were gathering as I left Krios to ride back to Grammeno so I feared the remainder of the day might be dull and cold.

I fed the dogs and got things on the go rather belatedly. It was nearly eleven before I actually put my breakfast on to cook! The sun returned so the dogs went outside to make the most of it. Xanthippos was busy burning the greenery in the field having not been around for several days.

Stephanie came to ask if I wished to accompany her to the garden at the house in Anydri where she’s been staying as there is produce to collect. She tells me there are oranges and lemons as well as soft fruit. I explained that I was producing the Doggy Dinners and that Xanthippos was working in the field so it would be a nightmare if I were to disappear for a couple of hours. She left to do her thing.

My glue came out of the pot and the DDs went in so it was a little while still before I actually ate my brunch. It’s too hot when it first comes out of the pot anyway so I prefer to leave it to cool down.

It was quite warm and sunny so the battery was charged up by around 11:00 despite the cooking it’s still charged. It was very pleasant to sit and enjoy the sunshine once things quietened down on the other side of the fence. Xanthippos and his little friend eventually disappeared having made a substantial fire. The guy from the new-build site brought the loader around and picked up the rubbish to move it to one place which was good for me as it would have been more unpleasant having fires right next to the fence.

After the activity yesterday, today was very calm by comparison. I was doing things that involved going onto the Internet and there was even a support request! Other than finishing off processing the DDs the afternoon just drifted by until I went of for a very hot and pleasant shower. All this sunshine has produced loads of hot water and with only two people on the camping, we don’t need that much.

The dogs are waiting to go for the Evening Walk so Skinny and Isabella are playing together with the tiny remains of a discarded sock. The cats are hoping I might feed them so are wandering around in their enclosure. The cats which come into the storeroom had done a good cleaning job as there was little food left this morning.

There was no one on the Promontory as we sped our way around. There were some heavy-looking clouds overhead so I didn’t want to get caught out in the rain. As it happens, none fell other than some light drizzle which appeared in the light of my torch as I was getting the dogs back through the gate at the end.

Over 20℃ once again but probably the last of the warm, sunny days for a little while. Sunday might have some rain late afternoon as may Monday.


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