Lazy Sunday

The night was warm although the morning was less so once we were walking down the Promontory. I hadn’t put my hat on which was a mistake and it was breezy as we crossed the rocks. Nevertheless, we kept a good pace going so were soon heading towards Plakaki where we paused a moment for the dogs to nose around and for me to admire the seascape and mountains.

After our second circuit, we were back before 08:00 so I was soon on my bike heading for Krios where Gregory and his dogs were waiting. It was nothing like as warm as the previous day but Gregory showed me a photo of a distant ship which had passed shortly before. I went on the Internet to Marine Traffic where I was able to find the position of the shop and pull up photos for comparison. We also checked the name, destination and course data. There were no cormorants on the little island and the seagull had also flown away.

In the distance, we could make out Gavdos which might even have been experiencing a little precipitation. The sun’s rays were shining through the clouds making patterns on the sea. The intensity varied as the clouds drifted by. We discussed the upcoming weather forecast which now has rain for Monday and Tuesday then various shades of sun from then on.

We parted and I rode briskly back to Grammeno as it was not very sunny. That situation changed soon after as the clouds gave way to some sunshine which eventually produced 4.45kWh of electricity, almost as much as had been used up the previous evening.

I released and fed the dogs then started my own breakfast. Having dashed outside and eaten their breakfast, some of the dogs decided it was more pleasant inside as the sunshine was still a little patchy. It was certainly warmer inside than out at that point in time.

I’d forgotten to remove collars from Charlie and Oskar so their’s were both flat for the Early Walk and required charging. I charged all of the collars with the smaller receiver. The others’ have a huge battery so require charging rarely. The two collars which I got from eBay and were posted out to me on 18 January have made it as far as the Iraklion sorting office so will hopefully find their way to Paleochora tomorrow. Yet the package I sent to UK on Wednesday has already made it out of the UK international sorting office!

The sunny weather picked up so it was pleasantly warm by the time my breakfast was ready. I was able to enjoy a little sun with my breakfast and an interesting YouTube video or two.

I’d noticed that Tony was working in the camping today as his car was parked up near the top and I could see the Ferrari further down the camping. He was scattering fertiliser for most of the day as well as bringing in the remaining chairs and tables as well as all of the sunbeds. He did a full day once he’d walked the dogs. I also saw a couple of figures walking in the camping so it’s possible that Georgia had brought Martha for a little outing.

Xanthippos was active in the field presumably tending to his fires. I try to ignore or avoid him as much as possible so as not to get involved in mindless chatter which is of very little interest to me. He came into the camping for some reason so I just hid whilst the dogs barked at him. He’s such a busybody and, as far as I know, has no business in the camping whatsoever.

I wandered down to the beach to look at the sky and stretch my legs. I noticed several cars in the beach car park of which one was Antonis’ so concluded they were having an airsoft session on the Promontory. I sent a message to Antonis asking if he’d let me know once they’d finished to avoid spoiling their fun by having the dogs give away their positions. He replied soon after that they had.

I prepared some food for later, gathered up the dogs, and hastened for another brisk walk around the Promontory. A huge bank of cloud was aligned on the western flank so I didn’t wish to be caught out in that even though the forecast didn’t mention further rain. I walked, the dogs followed and we were back before any rain fell. There was a little sprinkle just after I’d fed them but that lasted only a very short while. Long enough for me to bring my bike into the storeroom and to fall over a few cats in the process.

With reasonable weather, I shall ride to Paleochora to pick up some more interesting pussy biscuits as the current stock of Friskies has come to an end. It’s too expensive for the number of cats that require feeding so I’ve been mixing the food they don’t like in with the Friskies in an attempt to use it up. They are not stupid so they eat the Frieskies first and leave the dross for those that come after.

We made it to 21℃ which is quite surprising given the forecast. Cold, wet and windy is still in store for the next couple of days.

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