Horrid day

Ironside easily worked out the inside job of the missing art treasure hidden in the back of another item.

Before retiring to my boudoir, I swapped my blankets for the duvet as I knew it would be a lot colder in the night. It was with difficulty that I extracted myself when the alarm went off but Isabella was having none of it so I was up and out.

The Early Walk could only be described as bracing as the wind had shifted to the north. Something which hasn’t happened in a long while as the wind has been from every other quarter this winter. This explains the mild weather and the soggy tomatoes.

It was hard going to Plakaki however walking back was a breeze or more like a strong wind. Our second Promontory circuit was fairly brisk although there was a little sun for a short while.

Once back at the camping, I set off for Krios even though my intention was to get more interesting cat food from Heike. The wind was mostly behind me as I went to Krios but in my face on the way back. We didn’t linger as it was too cold to stand around chatting for long.

As I rode back, the wind had increased and it felt much colder so my desire to ride to Paleochora later diminished as the journey progressed. I decided to charge the bike battery just in case I should change my mind and go into Paleochora later.

I fed the dogs and prepared my breakfast. Most of the dogs migrated inside where I was initially but I survived outside until around lunchtime then went in. Strangely, the dogs were with me too.

I lit the gas stove so as not to use up too much electricity as today was cloudy so only 2kWh was generated and tomorrow will be the same. I noticed the circulating fan wasn’t working so spent time redoing the switch I installed a couple of years ago as the original one had burned out. I finally traced the problem to a faulty fuse in the 12V circuits. The domestic fuse box wasn’t replaced when I did the other one which is for the cab and vehicle power circuits.

Another job was to change the 12V – 5V power supply for the weather server as that had failed. I’ve put in a mains PSU now that the mains power is from the battery and inverter which is stable.

With all the messing about and the rotten weather, there was no Evening Walk and only biscuits for supper. It would have been too late by the time I cooked up rice to accompany the Doggy Dinners. It’s a long times since they’ve had only doggy kibble. The dogs will now drink loads of water having had dry kibble.

All of the dogs are inside, including Obi who prefers to be outside as a rule. So it must be cold!

Looking at other PWS (Personal Weather Stations) around the island, I’m seeing 60 – 86mm of precipitation in the north. Here is under 10mm so far.

Grammeno Camping
86.4mm precipitation!

My knees are cold and I feel hungry so I shall prepare something to eat.

Cold, wet and windy gusting to 75.3km/h. There was less rain in the south of the island than the north. ed.james.austin@gmail.com


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