Trying day

The heating was churning away most of yesterday and into the late evening. Fixing the circulating fan was a good move too. It became so warm I fell asleep until 22:30. Outside, the wind blew, the rain thrashed down and the van wobbled with the stronger gusts. The site clearance has reduced some of the shelter previously provided by the taller bushes. I even closed the roof vent above my bed. There’s more than enough ventilation provided under the door as that fits where it touches. Plenty of additional draught flows through the fresh air vents in the cab.

I woke periodically to hear the rain above and outside: luxuriating in my warm duvet and comfortable bed I didn’t care so long as the awning tent didn’t blow away! There was no rain at getting up time although the forecast predicted a high probability. I waited, let Skinny and Isabella out, and then it started. I lingered until after 07:00 then got up to check out the situation.

It was still very cloudy and they were moving quickly from a northerly direction. There was snow on the mountains so Sklavopoula has snow for sure and must be pretty chilly. I’m happy not to be up in Spaniarkos too.

I made tea and the sun came out so I got bold and readied the dogs for a walk. We went to the Promontory but it wasn’t long before rain started and then sleet. We sheltered in the big cave for a few minutes before continuing down to the rocks and back round again. The amount of rain varied as we walked then more sleet could be seen in the distance so we retreated back to the cave until it passed.

Back at the camping with seven wet dogs, I dried them off before retiring inside with the heating on. Sitting outside was not really an option as even Obi felt it too cold to be there.

I made some breakfast for myself as the dogs had been fed earlier. So there we stayed for much of the day. We eventually dried off and warmed up and it was quite cosy once the wind stopped buffeting the van. There was quite a good fug after a while.

Nikos arrived with a package containing the medications I’d purchased from the Spanish veterinary wholesalers. Quite quick really as it’s now nearly a month since my package was sent from UK. The package I sent last Wednesday has now had one delivery attempt according to the tracking information.

The Spanish package contains Leisguard as well as a good supply of tick and flea treatment. Sadly, the expiry date on the parasite treatment is August this year so I’ve written back to complain. The other products are into 23/24 which is fine. Six months is too short considering how much product I purchased. It’s intended to last two seasons.

The rain continued, the sunny intervals shortened and became less frequent. That said, the solar panels managed 5.8kWh which is very good considering how short the sunny intervals were and how cloudy it was for the remainder of the time. Nevertheless, I retrieved a part-used gas bottle left by Samuel and am finishing it off as my large bottle is empty.

There hasn’t been any rain for a while so we might go out for a quick run before supper. The Doggy rice is cooked and cooling off which shouldn’t take long considering the temperature outside

It was under a starry sky that we walked the Promontory for the second, extremely brisk walk of the day. There was a moon which I could see reflected in the reasonably calm waters of the sea. the walk needed to be done for everyone’s sanity. Most of all mine. They got their Doggy Dinners this evening so I’ll need to prepare more in the morning.

Max temperature less than 8C and 16.5mm precipitation which included sleet and hail


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