I watched an episode of the Durrell Family in Corfu where they were experiencing a passing storm as well as visitors from England to their leaky home. At least all the animals were tucked up snug and warm inside. One of the visitors turned out to be a fraud having staged a fake seance. Fortunately, their Greek friends were there to help distract the visitors and to lighten the mood.

It was not quite bedtime so I turned on Radio Paradise for some music and, surprise-surprise fell asleep. Hardly surprising as I’d walked the dogs twice, ridden my bike to Krios and then back again from Paleochora with 20kg of pet food on the back. I just couldn’t make out why I might have drifted off. It wasn’t a problem as I just went straight to bed, without even bothering to have a little read, and fell asleep again once I’d warmed up. The next thing I knew, I was searching for my watch which I’d not put on before falling asleep.

There was no wind in the morning so I walked the dogs without a coat or gloves. I was a little bit blasé and didn’t check that all of the dogs were still with me as I entered the Promontory. I was more interested in getting on. I stopped further up and Fido and Luis were nowhere to be seen. We crossed the rocks and headed back and they were still not visible. We walked to Plakaki and back as well as around the Promontory but it was only when we were just going back into the field that first Fido, then Luis reappeared. There is little mystery as to where they went as I later discovered the two cat bowls which had been left on the storeroom floor were perfectly clean. Even the food which the cats refused was consumed. The remainder of the bowls were up in the air on top of the fridge/freezer or a former dog house now used for storage so were spared.

With everybody inside the van, I left Isabella outside as I mounted my machine and set off for Krios where I found Gregory and his dogs. Not long after I arrived, there was a pathetic bleating from a goat which had trapped its curly horns in the fence as it reached through for food. Gregory went to investigate cutting his hands on the rusty metal fence as he attempted to free the animal which was not being totally cooperative anyway. The goat was finally released and Gregory washed his hands under the tap and wiped them with a clean paper towel he happened to have about his person.

There was only one cormorant to entertain us so we focussed our attention on the sun’s rays streaming through the gaps in the clouds and admired the seascape. We decided that it was a lot warmer than the past few days and were looking forward to Friday when it should be properly warm again. I left and cycled back to Grammeno.

I fed the dogs and prepared my own but by this time any sunshine had disappeared into what appeared to be an endless bank of clouds. The temperature dragged itself to around 15℃ where it remained for the rest of the day. I amused myself with a few IT tasks and a little light reading interspersed by a visit to Nikos to lend him a cat box. The ginger and white pussy has adopted him and, despite Nikos’ medical interventions, appears to have something wrong with his ears. Nikos intends taking him to the vet in Paleochora as I understand she now visits Tuesdays and Fridays. Other than walk to the office to check for any mail, that was pretty much the extent of my activities until I went for a shower.

Wednesday had been sunny so there was plenty of hot water. The clouds had finally parted to reveal a small window of sunshine so I grasped the opportunity to get into the cubicle whilst it was warm. It was a protracted shower so extremely enjoyable.

The Doggy rice is in the pot with some for me and the dogs are waiting for their evening walk on the Promontory. I shall be keeping my eye on Luis and Fido in case they decide to slope off again. Otherwise, it will just be a quick spin around and back for teatime.

Everyone kept up which was a good thing as there were several people about even though it was dark. What a guy was doing on the Promontory in the dark is a mystery. It’s not as if he had a dog…

A lot warmer than the past days. Despite the very cloudy conditions, 4kWh of electricity were produced.


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