Marvellous transformation

When I was getting dressed I reckoned just a hoodie would be enough on top for the early walk. It was when I went outside to feed the cats that the chilly wind decided me to opt for a coat and gloves.

There were no unofficial departures this morning as I made sure the two renegades kept up. The sun was rising as we turned at Plakaki to walk back for the second Promontory walk.

I picked up some very untidy litter and poked it into a nearby plastic container for collection on the return run. We walked back over the rocks enjoying the sunshine under an almost cloudless sky.

The trash was dumped in the container before heading back to the camping where I put the dogs inside. My shopping trip was slightly delayed following an email to tell me the temporary EG website was ready so I sat down to make the necessary conflagration changes to the files and the DNS records. Then I left to shop.

There was a slight delay through the roadworks due to a loader working with a large truck. The soppy motorist in front of me delayed things further by pressing ahead into the oncoming traffic the other side of the obstruction. Why take notice of the worker who could actually see and evaluate the situation?

There are still two substantial unmade sections of road which require drivers to slow down. They were very wet and muddy on Wednesday but dusty today.

Huge window cleaning activity at Petrakis. Everyone seemed to be involved so the nice Canadian lady came over to deal with my produce.

I rode back following a large lorry over one of the dusty sections. He eventually realised the dust he was kicking up so reduced speed a little. I still had my mask so slipped it over to cover my mouth and nose.

Back at the factory, I unloaded my purchases, fed the dogs and then myself. I gradually shed layers as the day warmed up as the sun gained power.

There was activity in the field as a loader was shoving the heaps of greenery and dross into larger heaps suitably far away from me. The dogs barked to begin with but we had a conversation and things settled down.

I knocked up some dough which is now in the oven hopefully turning into bread for this evening. It will finish cooking when we’re out walking.

Xanthippos called out so I humoured him with a chat. He tells me the five villas with pool have now morphed into a hotel. He explained at great length his vision of how it would all pan out. Work for him until the end of September so he says. I’m not quite sure how that will be…

Nikos told me about his vet visit as he petted his pussy on a sun-bed. We chatted a little while before I went back to deal with the bread and the doggy rice.

There have been quite a few IT tasks mostly to do with the temporary EG website. It seems to be working fairly well and should hopefully be more reliable than the old one. Only time will tell.

The Guild, like other charities, has suffered from CoVID so needs to make some drastic changes. I read the paper which has been prepared by the trustees. It says that they have already decided but they’d prefer the members to be with rather than against them. A bit like Modi in India but he seems to have skipped the consultative phase being an autocrat.

It’s a little chilly outside as I’ve not reapplied my layers so I’m inside with Isabella Skinny, Oskar, Fido and Luis. I will soon go out to turn down the bread then get ready to go out as it’s getting dark.

There is a fine-looking motorhome in the beach car park but we sped round the Promontory on our own. I was back in time to brown off the bread which should hopefully cool down more rapidly outside under the awning. So long as Isabella doesn’t eat it all up!

It would be difficult to complain with any justification about today’s weather although the top temperature was not tropical. It was warm and sunny through most of the day with only a slight wind. The weather is looking more settled for the next few days.

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