Tomato harvest

Margaret Thatcher lost her favourite son, Mark, during the Paris-Dakar rally and a bunch of Argentinians hoisted a flag on one of the Falkland Islands. Margaret despatched troops to deal with the pending invasion in the closing moments of The Crown. The Queen, meanwhile, was visiting her children one-by-one, to find out which was her favourite.

For some reason, Fido felt it indispensable that I should be awake to deal with a border dispute between him and Isabella. I thought at first he wanted to go out but then discovered the true nature of the problem. Isabella came over to see me which afforded Fido the opportunity to land-grab his rightful positions. Fortunately, now we could all go back to sleep…

Time passed, and it was morning…

I was of two minds whether to wear a coat but finally decided to brave it without one. I had my wrist-warmers to keep my hands warm and the hood of my outer garment up for the first part.

Two motorhomes adorned the beach area. The Germans in the beach car park and then some other Germans further along Alonáki. The latter tow a trailer with a small 4×4 Jeep-style vehicle for local exploration. The inhabitants of both vehicles were still abed when we passed on both occasions.

It was more pleasant on the second pass of the Promontory as, by now, the sun was shining and the sky was clear like the previous day.

We were back at the camping in good time which was fortunate as I wanted to get my washing into the machine to take advantage of the sunshine promised later on. Meanwhile, I rode my bike to Krios and back without stopping seeing as there was no one there bar a couple of goats.

I knew I had a busy day so released and fed the dogs before starting my own breakfast. The washing was now completed so I emptied the machine and hung up as much as the lines could take before starting on the Doggy Dinners. I swapped these for the cooked breakfast so was then able to sit down for a while before eating it.

Well, almost, as Nikos appeared as he wanted to put his washing in the machine too. With only one customer onsite, the washing machine schedule is not too demanding.

Xanthippos and his little fiend with the loader were busy in the field so it wasn’t long before a large fire was adding to Global Heating with the strident crackling of leaves and inevitable smoke. He had a long hose at his side to damp down and prevent the destruction of the remainder of the island. There were no involved conversations today as he was much too busy for such frivolity.

It was not long before I was able to rearrange the washing and bring the dry items inside to finish off. The DDs were well underway and the sun was charging the battery which was full by 12:30 despite baking bread yesterday evening and using the fan heater.

Clouds started to form after 13:00 but the washing was nearly all dry so I made my bed and folded up my clothes and put them away. Just the hoodies remain on the line but should be dry by now.

The tomatoes are ripening so there is starting to be plenty of activity around many of the greenhouse. Specifically, those where tomatoes are grown! The tomato harvest is usually accompanied by an increase in the number of flies and this occasion seems no exception. Just this afternoon, the numbers have soared although they are getting slower as the day cools down.

Another task today was to wake up some starter for bread production tomorrow morning. I have an elderly, brown starter that has been hibernating in the fridge for several weeks so I’m experimenting with that to see if it’s still viable after so long in hibernation. I had a little brown flour trailing around so had nothing to lose.

A woman came to inspect progress in the field so was heralded by the dogs. I saw her only from afar to don’t know who it was. I’m not certain the trousers and coat quite went together but then I’m no maître en haute couture.

The elephants were cavorting inside but have fortunately just moved outside onto the decking. The days is winding down. The doggy rice is cooking and I’ve actually managed to get most things done and am ahead of the game for a change! The processed Doggy Dinners are probably cool enough to go in the fridge so we just need to go for our walk and we’re done. We’ll wait until it’s getting dark as there are a number of cars in the beach car park and it’s nice to have the place to ourselves.

The German with the motorhome in the car park has made acquaintance with all of the dogs and a fisherman at the end of the Promontory had a visit from Isabella. Fishing is naughty as it’s not allowed for some reason during the lockdown.

A chilly start to the day followed by clear sky and lovely sunshine until around midday when it clouded over and cooled down. Tomorrow is forecast to start off cloudy with sunshine later.


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