Bread experiment

My final viewing choice last night was an episode from The High Chaparral where Blue is kidnapped by two wanted men, Kid Curry and Jacques Dubois in an attempt to extort $10,000 from Big John Cannon. The ‘doc’, a travelling dentist, teams up with the pair to try to rescue Blue whilst collecting the bounty for the outlaws. Big John intercepts The Doc as he’s chasing after Kid Curry and challenges him to a gunfight as he thinks he’s part of the plot to kidnap his son. It was earlier in the episode that Blue goes to draw on Kid Curry who would definitely have killed him. Big John goes to get lengths to tell Blue off for his foolish behaviour. Blue arrives just in time to see his father about to challenge The Doc to a gunfight and tries to advise him against it. It’s at this point that Curry appears from behind to shoot Big John but is killed instead by The Doc. John later asks where the bounty for the outlaws should be sent whereupon he’s asked to send it to Texas care of Wyatt Earp. The ‘Doc’ turns out to be none other than Doc Holliday, an equally famous gunfighter. Big John finds himself in the embarrassing situation of having challenged Holliday to a fight which he would certainly have lost! Big laughs all around!

It wasn’t very late but I retired to my boudoir and to my freshly-made bed and clean sheets – even before the Spring!

There was some rain the early morning despite very low probability prediction by the forecast. It rained again when we were out on the Promontory so we went to shelter in the cave before continuing on to walk to Plakaki. There was a little more light rain but nothing which would soak through. The rain clouds had passed over by the time we were back on the Promontory and the sky brightened up.

I put the dogs in the van and went for a quick ride to Krios where I turned round as there was no one there. I’d not been back long where there was further rain so I was glad it waited for me otherwise I would have been quite wet.

The cloudiness continued but eventually, the sun broke through and we had some warmth and sunshine. By this time, my breakfast was ready so I was in a good position to enjoy it followed by some gentle relaxation.

Other excitements of the day included exchanging the charging lead for my laptop which was long overdue as it was very dodgy. Fortunately, I’d bought the replacement lead a while ago. I made some bread with some experimental ingredients. I left it a little late so it will not be ready for tonight as it was not really warm enough to get it to rise enough to bake.

Georgia was present and updated me with the latest news. She talked about replacing the three static vans but had decided business wasn’t certain enough in these difficult times to merit a likely expense of €20,000 all in. She’s still having problems with water and electricity bills and is planning to change supplier. I thought there was a monopoly in the electricity business. She has had a personal, medical MOT and says she’s fit and well. She went to sort through some of the bills in the office before returning to Chania.

The battery was charged by 12:30 so I made use of the sunshine to cook beetroot and then the leaves and stems. I gave half of the latter to Nikos and we had a little chat. He was complaining of Covid syndrome so I’m planning to liven up his life a little by getting him to take Isabella on a daily walk which would be good for both of them. I expect she would stay with him and not come racing back to the camping. I feel he needs a little more purpose in his life.

I’ve yet to take the dogs out and it’s already 18:45 so nearly dark. I would expect everyone to have gone home by now but there seems to be a little excitement in the car park preceded by some clattering which excited the dogs.

The Germans have joined forces and were playing nicely together when we walked back past their vans. The guy without the trailer seems to enjoy the dogs and takes the trouble to pet them and to remember their names.

I’ve put the experimental loaf in the oven but suspect it may turn out to be a brick as it might have been better to have let it rise overnight. Added to that, I usually put the loaf on top of the oven whilst the oven heats up to hasten the rising process. Alas, this time I forgot…

I won’t be sad when Xanthippos has finished burning stuff in the adjacent field as I’m getting a little fed up with the smell of burning greenery. Yesterday’s fires have been smouldering away and are still going. At least some of the fire locations have been removed by the loader which makes progress through the field easier and the wood is stacked neatly. I suppose I should get used to the idea of

16.3℃ is about in line with the predicted 15℃ top temperature. With the early rain lowering the temperature and the wind it’s hardly surprising.

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