Another fantastic day

I understand the PM has set out the exit strategy for the end of lockdown. I sent an email to Laura, who is a clever website person, amongst other things yesterday. The EG now has an interim website so the old website is no longer needed so can be archived and closed down saving a monthly fee to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Are there many pies that Amazon don’t have a finger in? Laura replied almost immediately with weblinks to enable me to download a 6GB archive of the entire site plus an SQL database. She explained, during a subsequent email, that she’d not looked at her personal emails for roughly a fortnight as she was busy preparing the PM’s lockdown exit strategy. Good timing on my part.

This morning was still a little breezy and we were out a little later anyway as I started to download the huge file sent by Laura. At nearly 6GB it was going to take something like five to six hours to download.

It was almost light as we crossed the field. Skinny and Isabella had disappeared into the distance however this is nothing unusual as they reappear almost immediately. However, on this occasion, I noticed that Skinny was in the next field, there were sheep and Isabella was chasing them. I sent Skinny a fairly stern wireless recall message to which he responded immediately. Charlie didn’t want to miss out on any of this sheep-chasing action so was bolting off until he received a very quick reminder that this was frowned upon. As for Isabella, I went straight to ‘come back now!’ mode which is really quite a persuasive setting however, initially, she was more interested in the sheep until it dawned on her that the pain she was experiencing was not worth the pleasure of chasing the sheep. Hopefully, this has taught her a lesson so there will be no further sheep-chasing. There are other sheep just down the road however they are fenced in. These were simply free to roam so a bit of an invitation.

The huge download had progressed when we returned from our walk however it still had a long way to do.

I rode off, with a recharged battery, in the direction of Krios where I met up with Gregory and his dogs. Today, there was a lot less of a cold wind so it was more pleasurable sitting in the lee of the loos. There were no visible ships but Gregory had photographed one earlier which I managed to eventually track down with the help of Marine Traffic. The ride back to Grammeno was quicker and a lot easier than yesterday!

I released and fed the dogs before getting on with my breakfast and the Doggy Dinners. It was sunny and warm so the dogs were enjoying the sunshine out on the decking without the distraction of Xanthippos and his pyromaniac duties.

The download eventually finished so I transferred a copy to a network storage device before opening the files to make sure they’d survived the download process. A lot of it is useless and can be discarded however there is still a number of useful documents and other information. I will add this file to the other EG archives just in case, one day, someone needs anything from it.

Nikos took Isabella for an additional Promontory walk so she slept for most of the afternoon. I’d made up some dough which I left to rise overnight however it didn’t appear to have risen that much. The resultant bread is perfectly edible only not quite as expanded as I hoped it would be.

My IT tasks interfered with the DD processing which was left until a lot later as a consequence. Hopefully, the DDs will have cooled down by the time we return from our walk which will be taking place in a few moments.

Skinny has ants in his pants and keeps wandering outside to find something to bark at. Interestingly, the other dogs that are inside with me are mostly reluctant to join in with Skinny. Luis is my left-hand elbow rest so is not at liberty to escape without me noticing.

The moonlit Evening Walk was quick and painless. Only Oskar was the last one back as there was some part of the field of particular interest to him.

We can now look forward to a quiet evening in front of the box.

Once the wind subsided, the temperature topped out at 19.5℃ so it turned out to be a glorious day. Thursday will be a little chilly and breezy as the north wind will be blowing hard again. I’d better make a trip into Paleochora in the morning to get some shopping in.


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