Extra walk

The vets in All Creatures kept me amused before bedtime. Another harmless way to end the day. Their trainee was put through his paces with a sow and some piglests.

It was a little windy in the morning but I went out without a coat as the forecast said it would be warm and sunny later. I like to live dangerously sometimes. I had my hood up for quite a lot of the time as there was a cool wind from the north. The Early Walk was without excitement so we were back at the camping by 07:45. The dogs went inside and I set off to Krios.

I’d forgotten to recharge the bike battery so it was hovering around 30% which is not a lot of use on the hilly bits as it’s not good to run the thing right down too low. Added to the less than optimal battery situation, there was a strong northerly wind making the longer uphill section harder. I got to the top and turned the power down to the lowest setting which provides only around 40W of help compared to a full battery which provides 145W on level two.

I met Gregory and his dogs on the road to Krios Beach so rode on ahead to find a sunny spot out of the wind. This I did on the leeward side of the new toilets perched on their concrete base held down by a couple of wire strops anchored into the concrete with bolts and tensioners.

Moving from the shelter of the toilet cubicles into the wind proved very chilly so we both sat enjoying the sun and admiring the invisible cormorants. Instead, we amused ourselves tracking the ships using Marine Traffic, seeing where they’d come from and where they were going. I even found a plague ship! Or do I mean cruise ship? Sailing from Italy for a month’s cruise around the Mediterranian I should imagine. Not having the paid-for version of the software I don’t have access to the ships logs.

Walking around the rear of the recently-installed toilet cubicles, we noticed that the soil pipe from one of them was no longer attached to the cubicle. The reason for this was that the entire cubicle building had been pushed forward by the wind disconnecting the soil pipe. The bolts which support the front strop finally stopped the cubicles from marching off the concrete plinth onto the pebble beach. The strops prevented the cubicles from blowing away however, a couple of bolts to prevent movement might also be a cunning plan. We parted after 09:00 and I struggled back against the wind nurturing my almost-flat battery.

The wind meant that Xanthippos would not be making smoke signals but still, the smouldering smell persists. I fed the dogs and prepared my own food before sitting down to enjoy the sun. Fortunately, the wind is mostly northerly so the decking and awning areas are quite well sheltered other than the wind which blows over or around the van.

Nikos had agreed to give Isabella an extra walk at some point in the day but had decided to go for a little excursion to Sklavopoula in his van. I didn’t actually notice until I saw him coming back somewhat later. He came along shortly after to take Isabella for her extra walk. Armed with her remote collar and controller, he said that she behaved very well and stayed with him so he had little need for additional help. He went off to do something with a chicken, the remains of which he brought for the dogs later. I boiled it up and will use the broth to add to the DDs tomorrow.

The wind stayed with us for the remainder of the afternoon so I was putting layers back on quite early. It was sunny for nearly all of the day so the battery was charged early enough. I’d divided the bread starter and left half in the sun to liven up. I made up some dough that will rise during the night and be ready for baking tomorrow. It’s is a big bowl outside at present so needs knocking back and shoving into the bread mould overnight.

We were out walking around sunset and enjoyed an express circuit of the Promontory. A man with a little white van was fiddling with things at the rear when we were coming back. Some of the dogs went to introduce themselves to him but they mostly ignored each other.

Due to the cold and windy conditions, we were glad to be back to eat our suppers and go in for the evening. It’s too chilly to be sitting outside to write so we’re inside listening to RP. Having exercised and feasted, the dogs are now sleeping it off. Dogs’ life!

A cold northerly wind made the day quite chilly but out of the wind and in the sunshine, it was very pleasant. The north wind will be with us for the foreseeable future, particularly on Wednesday night and Thursday.


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