Rock ‘n’ roll

Flapping tent fabric was a constant theme during the night. For some reason, Isabella decided to join Obi by sleeping outside whereas Charlie, a frequent nocturnal companion of Obi, elected to come in as Isabella went out. Luis and Fido were delighted as they find Isabella an unwelcome bedfellow for some reason. Maybe it’s because she takes up so much room. Fido decided to check on her in the night so required letting out around 01:50. He might also have used the opportunity to have a pee too.

Only Skinny was bouncing around to get me up in the morning but he is also quite persuasive so I didn’t hang around. I dressed and fed a variety of cats before setting off into the field. An immediate observation was that it might be blowy but not cold. It was draughty on the beach but less so on the Promontory. I noticed the Germans had moved their van to face into the wind as they were at 90° where they were parked previously.

The wind had moderated when it came to crossing the rocks and it was not as difficult going up Alonáki Beach as expected. The wind makes the dogs [more] scatty so they were dashing around quite a bit exploring a rubbish receptacle which had blown over. I called them away and they dutifully obeyed. Coming back down Alonáki was easy with the wind behind.

One more circuit of the Promontory then back to the camping and into the van. Seems they were keen to get inside today. I headed off to Krios passing Gregory and his dogs which were nearly there. It was quite cloudy and windy so we both left just after 09:00. We spotted only one ship, Harrison, bound for Slovenia. A large tanker was coming from the west heading for the port of Kali Limenes which is an oil and bunkering location on the south coast of Crete.

I employed considerable support from my motor on the return run as it was so windy on some stretches of the journey. The sea was quite calm considering the direction of the wind had changed from the north to the northeast.

The dogs came out of the van to be fed however some returned inside voluntarily as it was still windy and chilly outside. I made my breakfast and prepared some dough from the starter which had been festering on top of the inverter since the evening. Fortunately, the sun managed to find some gaps in the cloud so came to join us providing heat as well as electricity. Not that we’d used much as I didn’t put the fan heater on again.

Nikos braved the elements to walk Isabella and returned proclaiming it was an invigorating experience. He went back to his van to shelter from the wind and to commune with his pussy. I had some tasks to get on with as well as look after the dough which was now turning into a loaf of bread in the oven.

Contains ground: sunflower kernels, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds and flour

I have updated the blog website and fixed a few annoying security deficiencies. I’m not sure the change of theme will have any effect to subscribers who receive a mailed blog post only to visitors to the adoption website and blog pages. I may also have got to the bottom of why the scheduled posts don’t always publish at the proscribed moment.

The couple with the small boy are still in the beach car park and surviving the wind. We had a brief chat so the walk took longer than hoped for. I’d anticipated a quick spin around the Promontory but that was not to be. The wind should moderate tomorrow.

Much cooler than Wednesday and very windy at times.

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