Tubular Bells

Having just finished processing the Doggy Dinners, I’m sitting inside with some of the doggies listening to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells on Radio Paradise’s World and eclectic mix. Isabella has had a demanding day so it sitting opposite snoring.

Dog’s life!

To my left, I have Luis who is also snoring. But Luis snores as it’s the nature of his composition.

For some reason, I fell asleep last night whilst watching the box but woke around 20:30 and decided to go to bed. I let Charlie out so that he could spend the night with Obi outside then retired directly to my boudoir to sleep. According to my sleep statistics, I was asleep from 20:41 until 05:53! I don’t usually sleep as long as this as I break it up by sleeping during the day. Like that, I find that I don’t feel so tired in the evening so can last longer.

It was still a little windy during the night but it was calming down by morning. I noticed the Germans had moved their van into Mr Ammos Beach Bar’s enclosure for some shelter from the wind. We performed our early walk with just Luis being distracted by the overturned rubbish container opposite the houses at the end of AlonĂ¡ki Beach Road. He sloped off there on the way up, unnoticed by me, so was not present when we turned to come back at Plakaki. He miraculously reappeared as we walked back down the beach but he and Charlie were lagging back so I hurried them along with some remote assistance.

Back at the camping, I put the dogs inside and then set off for Krios where I arrived just as Gregory and his dogs were approaching the car park area. He told me that the container ship and tanker appeared together just off the point but quite close to the shore. Sadly, Gregory didn’t have his camera with him so was unable to record the event. I confirmed that the tanker was still waiting at Kali Limenes presumably to unload or load.

Without the wind, it was far more pleasurable sitting in the sun than it was the previous day. I wanted to go into Paleochora later and had the Doggy Dinners to prepare so I left soon after. Gregory said that he was heading for the bakery to buy a cheese pie.

It was much warmer when I arrived back at the camping so I parted with a number of layers including my coat which I’d needed earlier. I got on with feeding the dogs, making breakfast, preparing the DDs for later and getting a starter going to make up some dough later.

It was warm and sunny when I eventually sat down in my chair whilst my breakfast finished cooking. I exercised my brain with Elevate then checked out the news headlines.

It was around 13:00 that I set off for Paleochora to accomplish a number of missions. The main objective was to purchase 20kg of pussy food as the previous consignment was running low. ACS told me they had a package for me so I went there to enquire, to find it had already been delivered and received by Nikos. It would seem their systems were not updated as that package was the meds from Spain which were delivered last week.

Heike had a customer so I waited outside her shop with the customer’s rather nervous dog which wanted to be anywhere other than attached to the hook outside. The customer was browsing the diverse selection of stock so Heike asked me to come in and divide a 20kg bag of cat food so that I could put it in my bike bags. This we accomplished quite quickly so I was on my way to the hardware store where I wanted to pick up various items for some of my projects. Next, it was to Petrakis where I bought apples, bananas and some rusks which tend to go out of stock very quickly.

My return trip was somewhat slower due to the 20kg of pet food and other items in my bike bags. Special attention has to be given to the sections which are still under construction to avoid holes in the road. Not a good idea with all that weight on the back.

As soon as I was at the camping, I removed the shirt and light fleece I’d put on before the ride and had a sit down. Soon after, Nikos arrived to have a chat and to show off the fact he was all clean and lovely after a shower.

The remainder of the afternoon consisted of finishing of the processing of the DD’s, turning the now reactivated starter into some dough and preparing some food for later. It’s been a busy day and there are still dogs to walk although they are mostly asleep in here with me at present. However, that state will rapidly change as soon as I move from this position, you can rest assured.

Skinny was one of the ringleaders in a barking competition this morning so he was specially selected to wear the grand prize which was a bark collar. This has severely affected the remainder of his day so he’s not talking to me at present. I’m certain normal relations will return when it comes to supper time.

It was a wonderful, moonlit Evening Walk with only a pickup truck just leaving the car park to interfere with the solitude. The German family were tucked up inside their van so they didn’t see the dogs dancing around outside. Only Oskar was late at coming back at the end so finds himself sitting outside the field gate wondering if there will be any food for him. I’ll wait until Charlie has had his then bring Oskar in to feed him separately. There is something in the field which is more important than coming back for his food!

Another warm and sunny day but without the wind which has made it chilly recently. The forecast looks more stable however the wind returns for the first part of next week.

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