No idling today

Before I ended up sunning myself yesterday, I had good intentions to install a new ethernet cable between the washing machine room and the customer kitchen. As time wore on, that job became far too difficult so I continued with the task of doing nothing. Today, however, has been the epitome of activity as I’ve hardly stood still.

The Early Walk went without much excitement only that there is another motorhome in the beach car park complete with large dog. When I heard some barking this morning, I guessed there might be something. It was only when ending the second circuit of the Promontory did it become evident that there was a large dog with the new motorhome. This was now the third time we’d passed this dog so it wasn’t much of a problem as it took me three encounters to register its existence. It was a large dog and only Isabella seemed interested enough to go up to him/her to introduce herself. The others stood around like boys at a school dance.

Having deposited the dogs in the van, I set off for Krios where I discovered Gregory had been there since 07:30. He said he’d seen the same container ship which had been passing as I walked the dogs on the first circuit of the Promontory. It was travelling from Haifa to France which is all we know about it other than some boring statistics about length and tonnage.

Krios was very pleasant as the sea was calm, there was virtually no wind and it was sunny and warm. We stayed until 09:00 when we both left to go our separate ways. I rode back to the camping quite quickly as I had a recently-recharged battery which I’d remembered to charge the previous evening.

I immediately removed all layers and installed summer shorts before even feeding the dogs who were grateful to eventually receive something to eat. I then occupied myself with breakfast and a bread starter which I’ve sort of forgotten so far.

The cable which carries the network from the office to the customer kitchen was probably installed before my time here and is internal cable which is not ideal under such sunny conditions. The sun degrades the outer plastic cover exposing the internal wires to the sun. One good thing about the cable is that it’s shielded although the shielding isn’t grounded as it should be. I installed a new cable a couple of years ago and extended the network to Georgia’s house. So far, the new cable has served only Georgia and her dogs. At least the dogs have been able to keep in touch with their mates via social media.

I took down some wires strung up when the group were using the area outside Janne and Erica’s caravan during the end of August 2019 when I injured my hand. The lights were taken down ages ago as they were plugged into my electricity supply however the supporting wire remained. I took this down to support the new cable I was about to install.

The cable is strung and connected however it was getting late when I came to test it. There was a problem of some kind which I didn’t have time to investigate as I needed to get the Doggy rice on as well as something for myself. All the grovelling and ladder carting required a shower which I had once the food was in the pot.

It’s become more blowy as the afternoon wore on so is now quite gusty. I’ve yet to walk the dogs which is what I’m about to do.

It was 19:00 as we set off across the field for the Evening Walk. The second motorhome has left leaving the German family with the little boy. We didn’t go over the rocks as I’ve had enough exercise for today and wanted to get back so as to feed the dogs and have an evening.

The wind is starting to build and is gusting to 51.2km/h. It will be quite windy tomorrow too. During the walk, I think I worked out why the new connection to the washing machine room wasn’t working. In my haste, I patched the wrong cables together as the silly idiot who installed some of them didn’t get around to labelling them!

Warm and sunny until early afternoon as I was clambering around on the buildings in T-shirt and summer shorts!


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