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Miss Marple solved the mystery of the body in the library. I’m watching the BBC Miss Marple series. Unfortunately, I was a little tired the other night so was unable to concentrate long enough. I don’t recall seeing the BBC version which I think is well done. I also re-watched the first episode of To The Manor Born. I’m enjoying Penelope Keith in The Good Life so thought I’d revisit TTMB as it’s been a long time since I saw the entire series.

There was a lot of wind during the night and Isabella wanted to sleep outside again. At one point she was in the chair which still adorns the decking. Loads of flapping tent which is quite annoying but better than having a flapping fabric awning too.

The Early Walk was a little earlier as the sun is also a little earlier at rising. Today just before 07:00 as we stood on the beach by the rocks at Plakaki before heading back to the Promontory and then the van.

I wanted to go shopping in Paleochora so put my bags on my bike and rode off. I knew it was going to be windy so used more motor power than usual. It was so windy at one point that I had to use the full 750W of the motor plus my pedal power. I finally arrived and was pleased to be in the comparative shelter of the buildings.

I bought most of the things I needed however the spinach was well past its best so I gave that a miss. I’ll need to go in again soon I think.

The run back was also quite interesting even with wind technically on my back. It was a very blowy ride so I was glad to be back at the camping.

Before releasing the dogs, I connected the patch cables correctly so that the new network link was working properly. My other task included feeding the dogs, making the Doggy Dinners, my breakfast and some dough for later. There is some bread left over but the starter was ready so I made a new loaf. The dogs will surely help me with the old bread.

It remained windy all morning although it was sunny outside if you didn’t mind the wind! Most of the dogs managed to lie in the sun although it was too windy for me. I had various IT tasks to attend to which included moving files for Louise and answering several emails. Simon also had problems with his PC. Added to this Nikos appeared with a bowl of chicken feet which he was experimenting with but decided he’s pass it on to the dogs.

The wind subsided as the afternoon progressed with was a welcome blessing. The dogs are generally calmer when there is no wind. All things being relative naturally. We went for our Evening Walk a little later as I was still involved in various IT tasks.

The monthly summary for February
Today’s quite windy summary with gusting over 70km/h


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