It was reassuringly still as I lay in my bed before the alarm sounded at 05:45. The forecast predicted strong wind later in the day as well as in the morning. I decided to wear a coat just to be on the safe side and it was fortunate that I did as it was very cold in the northerly wind.

The dogs were quite scatty once out in the wind with one of them running off pursued by the rest of them. The others following blindly to end up stopping moments later. Then, another would dash off in another direction making the process repeat once more. I was watching from afar and found it hilarious. They are each more stupid than the other!

I could hardly keep up as we went toward Plakaki as they seemed to be in such a hurry. Luis and Fido were at the rear. They were harmlessly running around so I just left them to it. Charlie was hanging back a little on the return leg.

Nasty bank of cloud looking east towards Paleochora.

Once back at the camping, I set off for Krios on my bike. I’d taken the precaution of charging the battery during the night to be sure of having plenty of power when riding into the wind.

Gregory and his dogs were there to greet me as I parked up in the Krios car park. More an electric bike park today as I was the only vehicle present.

The sea was very calm despite the occasional strong northerly gust. The clouds were shutting out the sun so it was pretty chilly until a break finally appeared. I reported that a ship was approaching and it eventually put in an appearance around the headland to the west. It was heading to Alexandria from Italy. A comparatively small general cargo ship of around 5,000 tonnes deadweight.

The bank of clouds obliterated the sun and I could see it was getting greyer so took the opportunity to make my exit before the possibility of any wetness. Using turbo mode on my bike, I made it back to the camping quite quickly getting only slightly damp on the way.

The windiness continued throughout the day although it died down for a little while preparing for the finale later in the afternoon and evening.

Nikos took Isabella around the Promontory and reported that it was very blustery. He also said that Isabella was well behaved and responsive to his wishes. This was not the same dog as he brought back as this one was completely bonkers.

Georgia was in the office for a while then wandering around the camping with a long tape, measuring things with Michalis. I didn’t speak to either of them.

Nikos and I had an involved chat about the mysteries of the hot water system and boiler. We were trying to fathom out how it works however I reminded him which country we were in so we agreed to proceed no further.

I changed out my WiFi access point which keeps being annoying and not connecting Apple devices. Everything else seems to work fine except Apple devices. Seeing as I have a few, I rather wanted it to work but was fed up constantly having to mess with it. The next access point is on the corner of the workshop so too far away to provide reliable service. I had one new AP in storage so decided to use that to replace the annoying one. I will reset and reconfigure the other one in due course. Probably when I need to use it!

The Evening Walk was blustery, especially on the road and across the field. The dogs tore around like mad things so it was worth the effort. Oskar and Isabella were sparing and Oskar manages to keep her busy!

The wind should die down as the evening progresses so something to look forward to. Some calm, sunny days would be welcome.

At least the night was calm but another cold, windy day where sitting out under the awning was not that much fun. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny!


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