No wind to speak of as we crossed the field coatless. It was not hot so I kept a good pace going as we completed the first Promontory circuit and then up to Plakaki to arrive at sunrise. The dogs seem to be going through a phase of chasing shadows. At the end of the Promontory, there was huge excitement as they raced off only to reappear moments later puffed out. It was the same as we walked up the beach. They were all racing headlong up the beach and then stopped, looked at each other, then separated to find interesting smells to sniff.

I wanted to go into town to get some groceries so mounted my trusty steed and sped off to Petrakis. I can report that there is progress in the roadworks as there are now kerbs on either side. There are yet more lengths of welded water pipe so I shall be interested to see where that will be laid. Nearer Paleochora, the road was reduced to a single carriageway as a deep trench containing a large concrete culvert was in the process of construction. Fortunately, this section of road has yet to receive its final layer of tarmac but I still wonder how many more excavations will be required before the project is completed.

I bought a lot of vegetables and some fruit so was well laden on the return journey. I will be glad when the road is finally completed and I don’t have to put on a mask to avoid suffocating through dust and diesel fumes whilst negotiating the incomplete sections.

It was warm and sunny when I arrived back at the camping but not so warm that I needed summer shorts. I just removed some of my upper layers.

I had an IT job at 10:00 so got my breakfast on the go before feeding the dogs. I did feed Isabella as otherwise she might have started eating herself.

My IT job lasted an hour and that was the only task of the day. I was installing new software but needed Sue to be present as she was setting up a monthly payment.

The day was warm and sunny and most of all not windy! I didn’t really get up to much other than to bake the bread which was ignored yesterday due to our lunchtime feasting and the EG Zoom presentation. I found the dough in the bowl had risen so I knocked it back so it could rise again during the night. The loaf looks ok but I see how it tastes later.

The couple who phoned a couple of days ago arrived from the eastern end of the island. I offered them the comfort of one of the cabins but they were determined to use their tent. I left them setting up down on the beach front.

A couple were wandering up the AlonĂ¡ki Beach road so narrowly missed being stampeded by the dogs as we set off for the Evening Walk. The walk was uneventful but enjoyable as it was reasonably warm and also windless.

No wind which resulted in a warm day.

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