A bit of a tidy

The moon was struggling behind a cloudy sky as we walked down the Promontory on the first leg of our walk. It was already quite light so we’ll be getting up slightly earlier tomorrow to benefit from the earlier sunrise. I’ve reset the alarm to 05:35.

It was just the right temperature this morning and I even had to roll up my sleeves at one point. With no wind, the dogs are slightly less crazy although they ran off up Alonáki Beach at great speed for no apparent reason.

I went off to meet up with Gregory once I’d put the majority of the dogs into the van. Somehow, I managed to mislay Oskar on the way back but found him lurking outside the gate into the camping having kindly finished off the cats’ water. No chance of any food being left at that time of the morning!

After some initial cloudiness, the sun appeared so we were able to enjoy the warmth and spy only the top of the funnel from a chemical tanker just below the horizon. It was on it’s way to Algeria from Egypt. I left soon after as I wanted to catch the Italian couple before they went out for the day.

They were up and about when I returned to the camping so I took their money and suggested they might postpone their visit to Elafonissi until Sunday as they would have struggled to comfortably hike there and back before dark. They finally decided to go into Paleochora then walk the Anydri Gorge route I suggested. I’ve not seen them since but they’ve had a good day for it.

Nikos was back from Sougia and needed the washing machine so I dealt with him before getting on with my breakfast. He’s off for a few days to catch up with some relatives in Iraklion and is able to go there because he has a ‘medical or well-being’ appointment with a therapist.

All in all, it has not been a particularly arduous day other than lots of small jobs and to engage in some light cleaning. I’ve disposed of some rubbish, sorted out some of the ‘stuff’ and relocated it and even managed to ‘find’, declutter and clean the table. It was increasingly difficult to feed the dogs due to all the clutter. Like all good flat surfaces, it won’t remain like it is for long.

It’s nearly dark so I’d better take the dogs for their walk.

A lone motorcyclist was leaving the car park just as the dogs arrived at the road with me slightly behind them. They have adopted an annoying tendency of chasing after pickups and motorcycles. With the present arrangement of controllers, I can zap some of them quite quickly however the six-dog controller is not so easy when it comes to selecting the dog. The fact it can control six dogs is great and that each one can be set up separately is good too. Accessing the individual dog is not easy as they have to be selected by means of a screen with small numbers. I may need to rethink my controller deployment and perhaps double-up Luis and Fido onto one button so that I can use the 400m direct access controllers. With these controllers, each dog is assigned a button rather than cycling through a list of four dogs to find the one you need. A task for tomorrow maybe.

Warm and sunny but a little chilly in the shade. I contemplated sitting outside at one point but didn’t stay there long.


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