Quite productive

A hint of chilliness greeted us as we approached Alonáki Beach so I put on my hat which was in my pocket. The moon was out but not really assisting in the big picture. It was darker than the previous day as we were out at 06:00. The guy who comes in his pickup to take a picture of the dawn arrived after we’d walked up the beach so there was no usual cheery greeting. The sun was yet to rise as we left Plakaki.

I could see a car arrive in the beach car park followed by a pickup. The occupants hadn’t come for fishing as hunting and fishing are still not allowed. I could see them in the distance standing on the rocks on the east side. We walked up the west side, over the rocks and back to the camping with everyone making it back together.

I gathered up all the washing and put it into the machine before setting off for Krios on my bike. I’d not charged the battery so needed to use the lowest power level except on the hilly bits. There was quite a bit of activity considering it was a Sunday morning.

A car and a van were parked at Krios and people were walking over the mountains towards Elafonissi. It was warm with an almost cloudless sky but no ships could be seen. I petted Gregory’s dogs whilst be chatted then I headed off to take out my washing and get on with my day.

I hung up the washing before feeding the dogs as I wanted it to dry as soon as possible. There was hardly any wind but plenty of sun so I was hopeful as I had the feeling it might cloud over later. With the dogs fed, I prepared my breakfast and then the Doggy Dinners. By this time, some of the washing was dry so it could be taken inside.

Breakfast was a little late but then it is Sunday. Nikos appeared at the gate with an Austrian couple looking for information about the camping. I showed them around but suspect they won’t come to Grammeno as they have a nice little apartment in Paleochora and they don’t have a car. They plan to camp despite me offering them a cabin but it’s still early March so potentially chilly. They left to walk back to Paleochora.

Nikos has the possibility of some friends coming in April so asked me for a price for them. He’d already contacted Maria who sent him back to me. He then contacted Georgia who also sent him back to me. Nikos is also leaving tomorrow to meet up with family in Iraklion so wanted to pay his bill. He might come back in a couple of weeks depending on the lockdown situation. He’s still keen to spend time in Gavdos if he can get over there.

I have folded all of my clothes and put them away as well as make my bed. I managed to make some bread despite being called away however it hasn’t really risen as I’d hoped so it might turn out to be a bit of a brick.

The dogs were quite barky and silly whilst I was out talking to Nikos but they are quiet and reasonably relaxed now. If Nikos has packed up all his stuff, he will come with me to walk the dogs around 19:00.

Nikos came for the Evening Walk and watched feeding time at the zoo. There were still a couple of vehicles parked in the beach car park and the fishermen were walking back down the Big Beach as we walked up the east side of the Promontory. They can’t have been fishing anyway as fishing is not allowed!

Warm and sunny with a stronger breeze by evening. 21.7℃ is a pretty good temperature for the time of year.


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